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Scatter with density map per distribution object


Wanted to post some updated images showing the work in progress today:

Density map can now be assigned per distribution object.
And now the scattered objects stick to the distribution object through all it's rotation and move transforms.

With scatter you have to go big or go home ;)

Woow its going to be in the v 1.0 integrated? And it Will dislpay it as points of clouds it would be more awesome. Cheers


Awesome news !!

Please add spline areas and falloff :) ( forrest pro is driving crazy)


--- Quote from: Keymaster on 2014-09-27, 20:14:46 ---With scatter you have to go big or go home ;)

--- End quote ---

:D ... not 128000 but 128004 !!

Amazing, imagine that with a few more options Cscatter fights with pretty expensive tools.


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