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Post your feature requests for Corona scatter here. I will start:

* Density/scale/... texmaps
* Distribution from splines
* Uniform patterns (grid/lattice, ...)

multiple input meshes / proxies
possibility to adjust amount in case multiple meshes in percentage ex. 30%flowers - 60%grass - 10%rocks etc. you got my point.

ehm, that is already implemented...

I can think in some features :) 
Include-Exclude areas with splines with degradation betwen both
Scatter on a spline path
Collision detection
Detection of edges (i mean that the scattered object dont break the given path, Like the grass growing in the sidewalk or so)
Clusters of elements (of the same elemments)
Color variations, and vertex colors
Brush proxy painter

And a lote more from more advanced users!!

Btw this is an excellent news! Glad to be on corona side :)

Could I add a request to enable scattering within a complex object rather than just a bounding box of the object?

For example: create a thick torus knot in max and scatter some boxes on it. When setting the scatter type to bounding box rather than "on surface", it just creates a scatter within a box to the bounds of the torus knot, rather than what I'd like to have happen where the scattered boxes are spread evenly throughout the torus knot. I realise that I could fiddle with the translation parameters of the scattered objects but doesn't always work for complex shapes.

This would be very useful for creating thickly scattered objects, now couple this with density maps and we could create some cool stuff.


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