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Making Corona a real thing on Blender


Hey mates,

Hope you're doing well.
Would like to know if there's any chance to have developers to make a true version of Corona for Blender.

I'm pretty sure a lot of Blenders users could pay for Corona. Any chance?
Should we make a kickstarter for that in partnership with Maxon to make it happens?

No plans for this, for the joint reasons of the added complexity of the open source license, and the fact that we would need a great many great developers added to the team (otherwise it would just take time away and slow down our development of our other versions) - our job position for developers is always open, but there are not that many great  / good ones that apply, so the team does not grow that fast.

You're always welcome to join and use an alternative > LuxCore renderer ;)

I would love to use Luxecore, but it's not the best option right now. Even Octane is far more impressive in Blender.
I could really see myself using Luxecore, but seems it's far away from the Corona, Octane or even Cycles to me... Maybe I'm wrong?!

Maybe the Luxecore team should make a Kickstarter and promote it to make sure a lot of people put money on it. I dunnoo...


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