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Please post bugs you encounter to the issue tracker on bitbucket:

It'll be hard to keep up with them here. 

Hello Joel!

I found some:

- Smoothing doesn't apply at all (1.7.6)
- Bump strength is not identical to Blender Internal bump strength (maybe with dedicated normal maps it works properly, I haven't tried it yet, because I think it should work with 'classic' bump mapping)
- Error messages are not too informative. They should tell what the problems is exactly (the name of the mesh/texture, etc.). Several times I just see that render is halted; I check the console, but it doesn't really help. Sometimes I have to realize that something has changed, but I have no idea what. So I have to start over.
- Memory management: with 8 GB of RAM I have to feel that it is not enough, while I rendered 50-60 times bigger scenes with the 4 GB of it using Vray (no flame, just information).
Sometimes I have the feeling that restarting Blender speeds up rendering and helps in memory usage.

I'm not sure what you mean by smoothing doesn't apply at all.  Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

I'll work on more informative error messages.  :)  What, in particular, are you needing more information about?  Which meshes are breaking rendering, or materials, or something else?

Bump strength from BI isn't taken into account at all.  There is a new normal map strength parameter in the newest release of Corona Standalone, but I dont have the syntax for it yet, so I can't implement it at the moment.  By the way, only normal mapping is supported for the time being, bump may be supported later on. 

In terms of memory management, are you referring to the way Corona handles huge scenes when it launches? 


Smoohing problem:

The same mesh renders in BI with correct smoothing and in Corona without any smoothing. I will try to reproduce.

Error messages:

What brokes rendering (which mesh, which material/texture, lack of RAM, etc.). Now it is a slow process to find the source of the problem.

Bump maps:

- I see, then we wait.

Memory management:

Yes, but not just when it launches; it uses all my memory during the render and sometimes gives me error windows (not enough memory). In VRay it could be set how much memory the renderer could access (I think the default is about half gig) and operates well.


I've added some error messages about unsupported textures, a nonexistent scene "world", and a few other things.  Unsupported textures are simply skipped now, with an error message in the console to let you know that it's unsupported and is being skipped. 

The meshes that break rendering are usually reported by the Corona application itself, in the console.  I've disabled the writing of edges to .obj files, since loose edges break rendering.  I don't know if I've uploaded that change yet.  At the moment, I cant even seem to get any geometry to break rendering at the moment.  So maybe the new changes will at least help you in that regard :)

Occasionally I'll get an error about a mesh/material pairing, if I assign a material to a mesh, export the mesh, then change the material and try to render again without re-exporting the mesh.  It gives a "Missing material" error.  One way to fix this is to simply write EVERY material in the scene to the .mtl file, instead of only the ones that are being used by renderable objects.  I'll go ahead and do that, so that it doesn't break rendering.  The mesh will still need to be re-exported with the new material to give the expected results, though.


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