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Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 5 daily build

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--- Quote from: alexhajdu on 2020-03-27, 09:07:07 ---
--- Quote from: maknu on 2020-03-26, 12:55:54 ---Still can't install because VCRUNTIME140.1.dll is missing... feel a little sad.

--- End quote ---

Missing VCRUNTIME140..error has nothing to do with installation of Corona for ARCHICAD. Please google for the solution. E.g.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I'll get our IT dept to fix it.

I had same issues - wrong directory for add-on and no material preview update. After Archicad restart suprisingly material preview works but theres new issue it looses Diffuse texture after 'some time' and my material turns white. It happened to materials that I created as copies of already existing materials.

Please make separate threads for your issues. In case it's already reported, please comment on that particular thread.
Thanks for your understanding.

HI, whats about mac?


I am sorry if I am writing in the wrong topic but I am new in the forum.
Is there a version for mac os as well?


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