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Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 5 daily build

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Dear ARCHICAD users!

Let's start your ARCHICAD 23 and install this daily build right away!

The main new features are that this daily build is powered by Corona core 5 and contains ARCHICAD 23 port. Last but not least it brings other important fixes and additions. For more information take a look at our roadmap:

As always, please let us know how can we improve and if you find some bug, please don't hesitate to report so we can fix it ASAP.

Download link:


Hi Alex!
Thank you, wonderful work! I will do some test this days and i'll give you my feedback!!

First i notice:
- During installation process i see the error (1st image attached) but i follow the simple instruction and it works! (I use italian version)
- When i open "Photorenderings settings" i can't scroll down some menus (2nd image circle green)... This palette is useful to save preset of render option (circle red) to assign to a different view.

Those are only two little things, other things work fine!
Great job guys


I see you have IT localization? Do you have an Add-Ons folder within the AC folder structure?

Regarding the 2nd issue. It's somehow not possible to scroll in those lists in AC. They should be probably shorter. Our current approach is to use dialog via Corona/Render in the top menu. As you have probably seen, we want to get rid of this dialog in the future and use AC Photo rendering settings instead.

Yes, you see first image the GRAPHISOFT/Archicad23 folder stucture.

Perfect, because AC photorendering palette it's fundamental when you have lot of view and you need different render settings, you can save preset and assign them to each view. In the second image you see an example with the file of the render i post some days ago as a test.

I've noticed that probably our .lcf library will be not correctly copied too because of the missing folder ARCHICAD Library 23.

Also, the default path for AC installation is C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD XX and it seems like your OS is localized too.

For now, try to run the installer once again or just copy files that were extracted into the Corona Add-Ons folder for your add ons folder.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are testing on the INT environment...


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