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Is Corona for blender dead?

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Corona looks so good!! Especially for architecture, and I'd like to really learn even more, but there are so many things which need to be fixed. I've been following this forum for a while and it looks like nothing is being updated. Should I just not bother anymore and go to octane or something instead?

We need 2 versions of Corona to make material previews work. It regularly crashes. Export time is horrendous. There is no preview render. There is incredibly limited functionality compared to the 3ds max version, including the new caustics solver.

Meh, silly little blender I guess isn't worth the time investment (maybe take a look at who's sponsoring blender now... Nvidia, AMD, Epic games, Adidas, Google etc...)

I am still working on the exporter in my spare time, trying to update it to work with 2.80. it has talked 40-50 hours so far with possibly another 50 and that will just be to get it working as it was for 2.79

I still need changes from standalone to fix material previews and to make preview rendering possible.

I think blender and unreal/unity is the future. I am 3ds max user but how things goes, sponsoring for blender like Llihmartin mentioned in milions $, the fact that blender is free and the fact that 3ds max need whole core improvement more than chamfer modifier.

Philip kelly:
I agree unreal for me is the future, a straight proper integrated modeler with in it and that's  it, you don't need anything else.
One package for all.

Why it has not been done I don't understand..........

I would cry if a good port of Corona came to Blender. It baffles me a bit why the dev team hasn't made a proper effort to maybe just hire, for an example, blanchg to do it fulltime.
The shift to blender is real, and gets more real every day. More and more companies shifting to it (just recently, ubisoft and embark moving to blender) And all those grants and funds its getting is becoming a bit insane :) I see more and more archviz in the blenderartist gallery popping up. There is Luxcore which is somewhat trying to be the Corona for blender, but its not quite there. Some companies scoff at the blender community for just wanting free software but its not true.If archviz people could get off not having to pay for 3dsmax, and use just blender & corona, i think a lot of them would.


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