Author Topic: The ability to set an equivalence between AC surface and a Corona material file  (Read 910 times)

2019-10-11, 15:39:00


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So that, without having to change the actual AC surface settings, in Corona it would render with the settings of a certain pre-saved Corona material file.

2019-10-14, 10:51:59
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Hi @dburneo, thanks for the request.
I'm not sure I understand, please correct me if not.

You can save your material with all the settings as .gsm file and import it to another project. Doing this, applying an imported surface to the object will render it with your saved settings.
Note there is a link between AC <- Corona surface ( we are taking a Basic Texture if it's used as an input from the AC surface ), but we are overriding and adding pretty much everything else.

Also, we are discussing our own material library which is a big topic here nowadays. I'm sure this will be a huge improvement, but for now, we have to live with the current implementation of the surfaces and textures.