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Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 4 daily build

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--- Quote from: liukperry on 2020-01-07, 15:18:55 ---Hi everyone!
I would partecipate to the evolution process of the software, but our projects are completely depending on AC 23 so we cannot use Corona anymore... it is a great pity!
Are you working on another version AC23 compatible??

Thank you!!

--- End quote ---

Of course, the AC23 version is something we want to deliver ASAP. Can't tell the exact dates though, but it's in our priority list. Just keep an eye on this forum, it will be announced here at certain

Thank you very much!
I will often check.

Happy working!

Alvi Chenchaev:
У меня не идет установка

Hi Alvi Chenchaev, please use english in the forum.

Hi. When i try to open Corona Image Editor - have this error. I tried to reinstall. Same


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