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I wrongly published a wish post in "general" forum. It is about Corona Scatter, but we have also had spoken about grasshopper integration via coronProxy GDL object...
Here is the post, maybe could be moved to this forum...

I don't see corona´s scattering system as a planned feature in the roadmap. Is it there a technical reason to not consider this key feature? Nowadays is usual to use tons of vegetal instances in an exterior archviz...
Maybe I´m missing something...

is it a 3dsmax only solution?

Hello! Corona Scatter is a planned feature. True, it's not on our roadmap yet, but we talked about it internally last year.
We need to fuse business and development needs first :)

Nice to hear this. for exterior achviz shots, an efficient scattering system has become a must nowadays.
first is first, of course! lets keep on with the great job!


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