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Rendering progress - passes


Would be nice to see during rendering actually computed passes:

I believe you can see them if you render through Corona's VFB and switch to the stats tab.

But yes, you're right.
It would be great to be able to see them when you render through ArchiCAD's interface as well with an expanded progress bar like in 3ds max (also showing pre-calculation and Energy calculation stages).

The VFB still has problems with image aspect ratio and image size, and keeping ArchiCAD's 2-point perspective so it's not the best to use for a final render.
But at the same time you can't save out passes or CXR format from ArchiCAD's interface either like you can with the VFB - and you also don't have access to the Lightmixer panel.

Jan Špaček:
Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we can easily fix this. However, once the bugs that spr0ckets mentioned (2-point perspective and aspect ratio) are fixed, we will recommend to use the VFB for all your renderings.

Closing this issue, all the info about the render process is on the VFB window.


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