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Hello! my suggestion:
1) unhide A,B,ZZYZX parameters, and link it with coro_dimX, coro_dimY, coro_dimZ
2) add the ability to input light color by temperature

here is my version of this object:
You can use it if you find it useful

Very cool thanks for adding the color temperature.

Lenar S:
Archicad crashes when adding groups with multiple light sources to light select

I don't think the light select and lightmixer features are working correctly in the current version yet.

You can still use Lightmix and add individual lights , but chances are you're going to experience issues like crashing and freezing and such until they sort all the issues out.

Jan Špaček:
Hi, thank you for the suggestions! Using the A, B, ZZYZX as light dimensions should be ok, I hope I won't stumble upon any nasty surprises with GDL :-) As to the temperature, I think the best solution would be to use the Corona color picker from the CoronaLight and add the temperature option to the color picker.


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