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Daily build 2018-11-23


Jan Špaček:
I am pleased to announce the release of Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 3, daily build 2018-11-23.

Download Corona for ARCHICAD (Alpha 3, daily build 2018-11-23)

This version contains these improvements:

* Added option to mark materials as portals for environment lighting
* Added ambient occlusion texture
* Added wireframe texture
* Added near/far camera clipping
* Fixed flipped and non-opaque textures in 2D trees
* Fixed color picker opening as 0x0 window in ARCHICAD 22
* Attemped to fix some issues with frozen interactive rendering

Thank you Jan :)

William Yan:
Thank you very much!

Amazing! Great work.
Thank you!

Excellent work, indeed!


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