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Vasileios Stergioudis:
Hello there,

I would like to have a camera clipping plane. Right now, I can use the bold marquee tool to cut a portion of my scene, but this is a real cut and the sunlight coming from windows is nowhere. There is just plenty of sunlight. With a use of a clipping plane we can render interior scenes with the sunlight coming from the windows. Maybe a specific corona camera could solve the problem? Or maybe a setting in the "camera" tab of "corona rendering" window?


Jan Špaček:
Just to make sure I understand you correctly, you want to be able to define a plane so that everything on one side of the plane is invisible from the camera, but otherwise stays in the scene and casts shadows and affects global illumination?

Vasileios Stergioudis:
Yes, that's correct!

Jan Špaček:
Ok, this should be very easy to add, I will add this feature to the next version, which should come tomorrow.

Jan@ - This feature has been wanted for years in 3dsMax. So when you make it, please tell your team members how to do it :)



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