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Using the Corona Image Editor on 1.7 seems significantly slower than previous builds. When altering Lightmix intensity, exposure, light colour, anything really, the CPU usage spikes to 100% and it takes around 1 second per change to process.

Has anyone else noticed a slowdown on the latest version, and more importantly, found a workaround?


Has nobody else experienced this?

Haven't noticed it here. What is your CPU model?

Hi, are you talking about same CXR and using same settings in 1.6 vs 1.7? If not, could you please test this scenario?


--- Quote from: maru on 2017-12-13, 11:39:47 ---Haven't noticed it here. What is your CPU model?

--- End quote ---

CPU Model is E5-1650 V4

I've saved out some less complex scenes today and tested the Image Editor, and it's lightning fast. It seems to be with just this one scene (Although I have yet to test another complex scene with 1.7 Image Editor). The only thing that has changed with this scene between 1.6 and 1.7 is a lighting model imported from Sketchup and the corresponding LightSelect pass. I also allowed the render to run for several hundred passes overnight, although I'm not sure if this would contribute to a slowdown.

I have just resumed the render from the CXR in Max, and there is no slowdown when using lightmix or adjusting and post processing options - an action that gives a 3 second hang in the Image Editor is instantaneous in the VFB.

I don't have the 1.6 Image Editor to test this with, can I get a download link?

I can also provide you with the .CXR and possibly the Max file if needed.


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