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[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: Corona proxy
« on: 2019-01-06, 10:11:41 »
Hi, I'm sorry for the delays in the development. We are seriously understaffed, so the work is not as fast as it should be.

As to the problems with the proxy: there were some issues that I have fixed and that will be available in the next build (when it's ready :) ). However, the proxies do not (and at the moment cannot) support textures and materials, the .cgeo files store only pure geometric information. In the long term, we want to revamp proxies to support seamless integration of 3rd party objects, including material and texture information.

[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: CoronaLight
« on: 2019-01-06, 10:06:10 »
Hi, thank you for the suggestions! Using the A, B, ZZYZX as light dimensions should be ok, I hope I won't stumble upon any nasty surprises with GDL :-) As to the temperature, I think the best solution would be to use the Corona color picker from the CoronaLight and add the temperature option to the color picker.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we can easily fix this. However, once the bugs that spr0ckets mentioned (2-point perspective and aspect ratio) are fixed, we will recommend to use the VFB for all your renderings.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions! I apologize for the late reply, there was much work at the end of the year...

1. Autosaving CXR: I added this feature to our list. This is especially useful given how stable Corona for ARCHICAD is at the moment :-(

2. Saving CXR from PhotoRendering: I'm afraid this is technically infeasible. From the plugin, we cannot modify the PhotoRendering workflow once you hit the "Render" button. I also believe that we cannot open a new Image tab in ARCHICAD. However, both issues that you mention (two-point perspective and aspect ratio) will be fixed. We aim to completely replace the PhotoRendering workflow with the VFB.

Thank you again for your very valuable feedback!

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: Shift lens
« on: 2019-01-06, 09:43:25 »
Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I will add this feature to our list!

Hi, thank you for your post, can you please explain what you mean by "frontal mapping material"?

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: render safe frame
« on: 2019-01-06, 09:40:25 »
Hi, I'm not sure that we can integrate the "Render-Safe Frame" with the VFB. However, there are some other options to achieve a similar effect:

1. You can set the same image size in the "Document" > "Creative Imaging" > "PhotoRendering Settings" dialog (which configures the render-safe frame) and in the Corona rendering dialog (which defines what Corona actually renders).
2. You can also see the rendered frame directly in the VFB if you turn on interactive rendering.

Hi! I'm not sure I understand you well; do you want to be able to use an arbitrary .pln file in the material preview inside the material editor? Note that there are multiple shapes for this object, and you can also rotate it, adjust its radius and/or the light intensity. The main light used in the preview is pure white, with another smaller light with a slight blue tint.

You can also preview the edited material directly in your scene, if you start interactive rendering before you open the material editor. (Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, you cannot start interactive rendering when the material editor is already opened.)

Hi, thank you for the project. I tested it on my machine and the proxy seems to be positioned correctly in the renderings. However, I did some changes to the proxies since the last daily build, so I may have inadvertedly fixed the issue! I will let you know when the next daily build is ready so that you can test whether the issue is fixed for you, too.

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2018-12-10, 15:43:31 »
Hi, thank you for the bug report! I confirm that this also happens on my system, only the ARCHICAD window is not minimized but it is sent to background. As far as I can tell, this is an issue with ARCHICAD internals that would be very hard to fix. Because the severity of this is not high, other bugs and features will be prioritized over this.

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: saving materials
« on: 2018-12-10, 15:39:44 »
Hi, the plugin now uses 'X' instead of '.' and 'Z' instead of ':' in the parameter names. In the long run, I will rename the parameters to use _ and camelCase; this is just a quick hack to maintain backwards compatibility.

Old materials will still contain '.'-s and ':'-s, but you can replace them with 'X' and 'Z' in the exported file and Corona will recognize the parameters.

The update will be available in the next daily build, which I plan to make at the end of the week.

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: saving materials
« on: 2018-12-03, 12:13:10 »
Hi, thank you for your feedback! I moved this post to the "bug reporting" section of the forum.

I don't have the "save material" button in my ARCHICAD; maybe it is an add-on? However, you are right that it seems to be impossible to write the Corona material parameters in GDL scripts because of the '.' and ':' symbols! I will replace them with underscores; this may break some user projects, so the earlier this change is made the better!

[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: Some more we need!
« on: 2018-12-03, 11:56:56 »
Hi, thanks for your suggestions! We are going to add many more textures in the next versions of the plugin; most Corona textures that are available in 3ds Max will also be added to ARCHICAD.

Hello, thank you for your suggestion! Adding the material override will probably be technically awkward, but it should be possible.

[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: Camera Clipping Plane
« on: 2018-12-03, 11:41:49 »
Oops, I was working in a hurry and made a stupid mistake, adding the clipping plane to the camera only when rendering in the PhotoRendering window! I apologize for wasting your time, the next daily build should work correctly in interactive rendering and in the VFB.

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