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2019-04-10, 06:48:45


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Hi Guys ,
I am trying to do an animation of a camera that fly through clouds and smoke using VDB sequences created with Phoenix FD on 3DSmax but when the camera enter in the smoke Corona doesn't render it anymore. The scene appear clean and without smoke/clouds.
Basically the smoke is renderable from outside only buy nor from inside .
There's something I miss ?

Thanks for your help

2019-04-10, 10:10:35
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Currently Corona requires camera to be outside volumetric object in order to render it. This is known limitation. It is expected to be lifted in V4:
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2019-04-11, 14:22:51
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See this guide for more info:

The current workaround (unfortunately a bit inconvenient) is to use Corona Volume Mtl instead of Phoenix FD volumetrics and place the camera inside a "bubble", which will cut out some area inside the volumetric object.
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