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If activating "Edit Instances" mode, the following viewport navigation actions execute a selection/deselection of instances when the cursor is above the scatter:

- Zoom
- Pan view
- 2d pan zoom mode

Apparently inherited error: when using a 3D mouse, the selection happens at every movement in the center of the viewport. In this case, you are not even able to use the standard move transform type-in. Using Forest Pro and similar, subobject/instance selection works as it should.

Good Luck

Max 2023/2024, CScatter 2.4/3.0

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 8 round edges
« on: 2023-05-25, 14:49:02 »
Hi Rowan,

this is most welcome, no need to use scripts to fix a scene any more. I'd suggest implementing that "legacy" behavior as "angle threshold" in the new code, where we can decide when coplanar triangles stop to be such and start to be processed as edge.

Good Luck


all already there:

Code: [Select]
renderers.current.adaptivity_targetError -- noise level limit in percent
renderers.current.progressive_passLimit -- pass limit in passes
renderers.current.progressive_timeLimit -- time limit in ms
renderers.current.denoise_filterType -- 0:off, 1:fireflies only, 2:corona high quality, 3:gather for later, 4:Nvidia GPU, 5:Intel AI.
renderers.current.denoise_blendAmount -- denoising amount
renderers.current.denoise_sensitivity -- denoising radius for corona high quality denoiser

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Field of view option not available
« on: 2023-05-10, 13:28:57 »

your camera looks like orthographic projection is active ("Projection and VR" tab), you have to switch to "Perspective".

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona RoundedEdge weird effect
« on: 2023-04-26, 08:35:00 »

old and annoying one, see

Good Luck

I wonder if we're talking about different setups though.

Indeed we do. To my understanding, PixelPusher720 wants to animate a slicer and retain the original material of objects, not using slicer material override and without moving textures. I extended your scene with additional boxes. Two use triplanar as texture node using world space, the slicer does not override the material. Now if you move the slicer, the two boxes using triplanar show the desired result imho. At least that's what I was after.

Now, if you additionally animate the object to slice using world space triplanar map, the map shifts. Avoidable by setting triplanar to a node. Not possible in the objects material due to circular reference. But using a box, grouped with any of those triplanar objects as reference node works.

Edit: looking again at the topic title, I may have misunderstood the issue by just looking at the anim gif. Let's see what OP replies. But I'd like to find a solution to cap a whole scene like this.

Good Luck

My intention wasn't to provide superior solution compared to yours, i just wanted to tell that there's alternative that may work better if the sliced object itself needs to be animated.

Yes, I did not thought differently. These just were just well-intentioned questions arising while reading your reply because I know that sooner or later I have to do exactly something like this, in the past I've been using (animated) slicers only with dedicated cap material in production.

Now I just quickly tested, and I'm not able to use the same node as reference in CoronaTriplanar. Same with a linked box (circular reference).

However, what is working to my surprise is to group the object to be sliced and the reference node. Amazing, because groups are handled as links internally in Max afaik.

I might misunderstand what you wanted to say

Same as you wrote: I cannot imagine that it is technically possible to use the sliced objects UVWs for the cap material. But this would be the only proper solution when slicing some existing scene.

Good Luck

And then you are limited to exactly that object when using a slicer? Additionally this creates a dependency loop, do I miss something? And other objects sharing the material/triplanar node would also move their maps if animating the object, wouldn't they?

Anyway, all mentioned solutions are bad workarounds imho. Imagine a ready to render scene where you need to rely on objects UVWs and just want to slice it animated without overriding the cap material. Wouldn't it be a proper solution if the slicer material could use the existing mapping of the sliced object if the slicer object has no map channel(s) and would use the slicer objects channel(s) in case there are any? I fear this is not possible to do though.

Good Luck


as always is cases like this: you'd have to setup your textures as world coordinates (CoronaBitmap cannot be set to world coordinates, use standard bitmap nodes for it). However, you could also use CoronaTriplanar with "Mapping space"="World space".

Good Luck

Hi, try

Code: [Select]
for o in getClassinstances Cdecal do o.excludeList=#()

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: [solved] Corona + 3dsMax Visibility
« on: 2023-04-03, 18:12:39 »

there is no simple solution using Corona 9 or older. You would have to animate absorption color from the current value to plain white (or script it, or parameter-wire it depending on visibility of the parent...).

But Corona v10 will do that for you. Currently available as daily build. Changelog where it got implemented:

Good Luck

it needs all scene assets network mapped?  If so I'm doomed.  Is there a guide you know if?  I've struggled to find something decent

Imagine opening your scene on a BB node with 3ds max. If you could render the scene there without missing assets, then a BB node also can. However, you cannot use mapped drive letters when running BB server (or any other application) as windows service. But if you start BB server.exe as a user that has the required drives mapped, then everything should work. Same applies for batch rendering, so why not just try a

"3dsmaxcmd -v:5 -frames 0-5 c:\temp\YourAnimScene.max"

on a node and see if everything works.

And you will never be doomed. If everything goes wrong, collect all assets into a single directory and relink them at once in (SHIFT+T) asset tracker to any UNC path or wherever you want. In case of Backburner: there is an option "Include Maps" when submitting a scene, sending the entire bunch of assets to the BB servers for that scene so that the nodes access them locally.

Good Luck


BB or Deadline or similar, yes. BB runs here since decades (as windows service), so I'm not sure how hard it would be to set it up from scratch. Or my selective memory possibly refuses to remember :) When I install any new render slave, it usually takes only 2 minutes to set up the service.

Immediate solution could be: split the job "manually": start rendering of frame 0-99 on node1, frame 100-199 on node2 and so on...

Good Luck


it's controlled by the renderer property "renderSelected_mode":

1=Viewport selection
2=Object GBuffer ID
3=Include/Exclude list

Switching to viewport selection would be:

Code: [Select]

Good Luck

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