Author Topic: Distributed rendering speed?  (Read 1805 times)

2014-05-06, 07:11:40


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I am new to the forums and Corona-Renderer. I was testing out render engines for print and animation when came across Corona - googling for fast and accurate CPU rendering engines.

I am also building a render farm and was wondering what speed increases you guys are seeing with distributive rendering.

How well does corona scale?

Thanks in advance!
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2015-05-08, 16:36:02
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I registered on the forum for the same question and after search found unanswered thread with same question.

I'm testing Distribute rendering on local PCs and cannot understand how good is Corona scaling.

Is there any benchmarks available on the subject?


2015-05-08, 16:52:59
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You should get 2x performance on 2 nodes with similar hardware. Its not realy hard to test, look for amount of passes trasferred in DR section.