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Create A Realistic Wool Rug Using Hair & Fur - 3DSMax & Corona Renderer Tutorial


Earlier in the year we shared our Swoon CGI roomset and got a lot of feedback asking for a tutorial video to show the process we used to create the wool rug using hair and fur techniques.
It's taken a little time due to our recent workload (customers obviously come first), but here's a video tutorial showing the 3D process in as quick a time as possible.

Page with all the video notes and reference images -

Great stuff! Look forward to following the tutorial through when I have an hour to spare (and probably downloading the model alongside so I have your nice version to use somewhere...).

In the tutorial you use maps to displace the rug geometry, and mention that these are available online - can you share where these are from?

I wasn't following this thread before, but can you elaborate on the Swoon CGI roomset, what is this? Is it available online?

Our Swoon CGI roomset is here (most of the images are included above)

The displacement maps were originally something that we downloaded for free, but I've since discovered the artist has now made them chargeable

This is probably the most realistic rug I've seen in 3d - I'm happy to see other examples, but to this point I have not. I purchased the project files and studied the implementation quite a bit, and frankly I'm having a hard time replicating the implementation in Ornatrix - not to say it isn't possible or easy.

My main observation is that the 'hair' (threads) are actually little squares, not thin strands as you normally see with a hair / fur system. The shader for the hair / fur is actually just a basic white hair from the Corona Material Library, but somehow the lighting in the scene really drives home the semi-translucent quality of the top layer of carpet.

Apart from the shader, I think the effect that really sells the look of the rug is:
1. subtle displacement to simulate folds
2. manually combing the groom to simulate foot traffic
3. the (sort of) beaded rows of pile that render as small tufts - I don't totally understand how the associated bitmaps are driving this effect.

I'm wondering how generalizable the implementation is to simulate other carpet / rug types.


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