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Gallery / Re: First Post & First Render with Corona
« on: 2017-03-06, 07:48:54 »
Hi Yah Flamingo,  I totally agree with everything you say and I had the contrast knocked up and the front of the image a lot lighter BUT unfortunately the look you see was what the client wanted :(  The image for the background was provided by the client and not changed.

I have noticed also the image on the forum is darker than the one uploaded !!

I'll see if I can get some of the earlier shot from the client

Gallery / First Post & First Render with Corona
« on: 2017-03-06, 02:39:35 »
This is my first post in the Gallery and first real render with Corona Alpha for Cinema 4D

Customer wanted a visual for a prototype fire & unit assembly. I could have spent more time with the wood pile but due to timeframe used a 3D Sky model. Also need to work on how to get a bit more glow coming from the flames but will look at that when I've a bit of spare time.

Have been working with Thea in the past and after this project I prefer Corona but would love to see an nice material UI like they do, also they have a nice "add backdrop" to sky system.

Will be happy when the VFB becomes real time interactive

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: HDR Lighting
« on: 2017-02-09, 20:31:17 »
Hi Yah Tom,

Just prior to knocking off for the night yesterday, I uninstalled Corona, reinstalled then pulled up the model I was working on. The model had already been rendered prior in Thea, so what I did was remove all materials, camera settings etc etc and started with a bare model, applied a general corona diffuse material to everything, recreated the sky as per movie and now everything's working as expected !!!

So not sure if it was the reinstall, or something carrying over from Thea but what I'll do is pull up some more models I've worked on and see what happens.

Thanks for getting back so quick :)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: HDR Lighting
« on: 2017-02-09, 05:02:30 »
Perfect - Thank you :)

Spoke too soon...When I modify the Offset U I can see the HDR rotating in the CD4 Viewport, but when I hit render in Corona the viewport shows the HDR in the 0 degree position/default what I see in the CD4 viewport HDR wise is not the same as the VFB...I've even hit refresh and erase several times re-rotated the HDR and yet the VFB shows no movement.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: HDR Lighting
« on: 2017-02-08, 11:14:52 »
Rotating the sky object works for me.

Unfortunately using the latest version for CD4, the rotating sky object doesn't work for me, what I found easier to do was select everything in the scene but the sky object & rotate those, check the render and shadows move as expected...not ideal but a quick work-around

Just testing the render engine and comparing it to Thea Render which I've been using for a wee while now...certainly a lot faster (I think) and love some of the features including the denoise...just got to get use to working with the materials in a different UI, though the Thea material selection UI is real nice, would be good to see something like that instead of going up to the contents browser, finding material then dragging it into the materials area...or am I missing something :)

Oh yes and the only dislike so far is seeing all those wonderful 3DMax material libraries for Corona and we can't use them at all without having to convert them :(

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