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Title: Team render
Post by: fla on 2019-05-16, 13:03:42

I am trying out the Team render for the first time. I've managed to setup the machines and they seem to communicate between each other.
I've also installed the Corona Licensing server and I've entered the pass and username but somehow I still get an error on the slave computer saying "Several plugins used in this project are missing. Corona"

Can someone point me in the right direction?
thank you
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: houska on 2019-05-16, 13:14:08
Hi matej,

the message tells you that you didn't install Corona on the slave machine.
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: fla on 2019-05-16, 13:37:43
Hi houska. Hmm... but I did.
Just to be sure I've installed it again but I get the same error.

I'm using Team render client on my slave pc. Is there a special way I need to install corona?

Title: Re: Team render
Post by: houska on 2019-05-16, 13:42:05
No, no special way. If you can run Corona on your client the same way as you would on the server (i.e. if a simple test render with Corona runs fine), then you should be good to go. Just to make sure, check the plugins folder in the C4D installation folder on the client machine. It should contain a corona folder with several .dlls inside
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: fla on 2019-05-16, 16:32:53
Indeed, there's no plugins folder in "<Maxon<Team render Client" folder. 
When I install Corona I don't get an option to install it for Team render Client. How to fix this?

Title: Re: Team render
Post by: houska on 2019-05-16, 16:40:54
That's interesting. So you have some standalone team render client? Cause the way my C4D is installed, I have C4D Team Render client in the same fodler as C4D itself. And then everything works of course...

But what you can do: extract the installation package yourself to a temporary directory using the "Unpack Files" option and then just copy the corresponding "corona" folder (for the right C4D version) from the extracted folder to the "plugins" folder that you'll create next to the TR client executable. That should do it.
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: fla on 2019-05-16, 17:28:07
Thanks houska! Copying the plugins folder did the job, now it's working.
Have to be really careful with all the plugins and materials that refer to plugins in order to work.

Title: Re: Team render
Post by: prince_jr on 2020-01-15, 17:37:20
i hope someone of the corona team or another user reads this, since this post is very old...

my problem:
i'm not able to license corona v5 on my render slave. everytime i start the corona licensing server, it fails.
tried it with "coronaactivation.txt"-file and even "licensingserverlogin.txt"-file. corona licensing server sees and uses the files, but can't activate corona on renderslave. CLS starts to link with another program, installed on my mac
> see attached file 2

2 mac pros, connected by lan-cable. both macs are connected and verified as rendermachines/slave. team render with standard c4d renderer works perfectly.
> see attached file 1

does anybody having a clue, what's going on/wrong here?

> what about batch file?
   but this is a solution for pc, right? what about mac osx?

ps: everytime i quit the "corona licensing server" i get a crash report.
     > see attached file 3
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: houska on 2020-01-16, 09:18:12
Hey, prince_jr!

Don't worry, once you reply to an older thread, it gets to the top and it's also possible to see it in a list of new posts, so we can definitely read that ;-)

Regarding the licensing, it's strange that none of the options work for you, but let me share with you yet another method of licensing the render slaves - see the attached picture!
Title: Re: Team render
Post by: prince_jr on 2020-01-16, 19:14:08
thank you for the fast response houska!

i thought the only way of activating corona on a render slave would be by licensing server... it's the same precedure as activating corona renderer on the main machine (request code in customer zone)? if so...i have the license "1 workstation + 3 nodes". after activating corona on renderslave machine, will the additional activation be detected as "node" or as a second workstation license??

if i may ask a further question, because i'm curious:
my macs (mac pro's 5.1, mid 2010) are directly connected by lan cable (cat 5e). is there any speed limit for the c4d and corona renderer? i mean, is the lan-cable limiting render performance in any way?

thanks for your help & your patience.
i appreciate!