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Was this working okay in a previous driver version? Or was it always broken?

If you send over the scene I can forward it over to nvidia.. Please can you let me know your GPU + driver version?



Hi Rowan,

The driver version is the 52.98 and the GPU cards we use are: 1080 GTX, 3080 RTX and 4090 RTX.
Sometimes the Nvidia Denoiser fails to clean properly the images; it cleans them but it adds some other artifacts, it seems that it fails to predict the correct results.
I repeat, it doesn't happen always but lately I've notice it more.

I confirm that in the past this Denoiser worked perfectly except of another case where was producing the same defect and then was fixed by Nvidia.

Now the bad part, I can't share a 3D scene due to some restrictions we have in the office (RPBW Paris). Till next Friday I am very busy, eventually later, I can create a sample scene and try again, if the defect appears we can send that scene to them.

Thanks for your support as always.


It's been fixed internally but it didn't quite make the cut for the last daily build.

Hopefully we'll be able to get it in the next one :)



Thanks Rowan!

Thanks for getting back and we've talked about all this in the past where the Nvidia Denoiser was having the same issues and was indeed a driver problem.

High Quality unfortunately is not always efficient in some cases, I find the AI Denoisers a bit more suitable for my workflow and usually they always worked perfectly well.

I see a difference in Nvidia now, as you wrote is probably the driver.
Is there a way to contact them and tell them about the issue? I can do this, no problem.


Hi guys,

I am on the official 9 build HF1 and I've noticed lately some weird results when I use the Nvidia Denoiser.
The denoiser produces very evident artifacts on each produced image and I am wondering if you guys have noticed the same thing.

I am attaching some crop examples, without denoise and with denoise.

Let me know what you think.


Dionysios -

Hi Rowan,

I saw a while ago that a new build is out.
No news on the CIE crash right?


Dionysios -


Reproduced here. We'll fix it asap.


(Internal ID=1014107405)

Great! Good to know! :)

The file is sent!

Corona 9 opens it without issues. The new 10 Daily Build crashes every time.

Thanks again,

Dionysios -

Try now, our IT did some magic. Hopefully it should be fixed :)

Ok, tell to your IT he did a great job, now it works! :)
I am upoloading the file.


Dionysios -

That's odd, it works here locally. Are you sure you're entering your email in the first screen?

oh yes! And still doesn't work...


Could send over a CXR that crashes?

A link to our new file dropzone is in my signature.


I get this error when I click on the button to send you the file: The person you're trying to send files to isn't eligible for this feature.

Hi guys,

the CIE crash is back and this time with the latest daily: corona-10-3dsmax-daily-2022-11-25.
Opening CXR files made with the 9th version in the corona-10-3dsmax-daily-2022-11-25, produces crashes on CIE:

An exception 0xc0000005 occurred at 0x00007ff98a31f742.
Access violation while trying to read from 0xffffffffffffffff.

Thread: 33504 (_CORONA_Pipeline_LoadOperator)
Stack trace:
    [0x00007ff98a31f742] ShadingLib_Release.dll: Legion::ToneCurve::unmap (+0x252)
    [0x00007ff6341bea95] CoronaImage.exe (+0x4ea95)
    [0x00007ff6341bdf62] CoronaImage.exe (+0x4df62)
    [0x00007ff6341b3e3f] CoronaImage.exe (+0x43e3f)
    [0x00007ff98a4daaf5] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::StandbyThread::isRunning (+0x125)
    [0x00007ff98a4d8675] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::Thread::detach (+0xb5)
    [0x00007ff98a4d8129] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::yield (+0x19)
    [0x00007ff9a0ef74b4] KERNEL32.DLL: BaseThreadInitThunk (+0x14)
    [0x00007ff9a1ea26a1] ntdll.dll: RtlUserThreadStart (+0x21)

Application information:
    Product name:     Chaos Corona Image Editor (GUI)
    Library version:  10 (Daily Build Nov 25 2022)
    Build version:    222d034e ()
    Build time-stamp: Nov 25 2022 01:06:06
    Build type:       Release
    Compiler version: MSVC 19.33.31629

Crash dump written to:   C:\Users\dtsagkaropoulos\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CrashReports\20221130_105005-1f88df26-a87c-49af-a3fc-8c6fa63a6b7d.dmp
Crash report written to: C:\Users\dtsagkaropoulos\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CrashReports\20221130_105005-1f88df26-a87c-49af-a3fc-8c6fa63a6b7d.txt

I've attached the *.dmp and *.txt if you need them.

Hi guys, what is this element in the new release:

- Added tonemap control viewport shader (as no-op)

Can't find where and what it is....


Sorry for the confusing changelog entry, it just displays the map plugged into the shader in the viewport. Previously it displayed black in the viewport.


Thanks! Was easy at the end! :D

Hi guys, what is this element in the new release:

- Added tonemap control viewport shader (as no-op)

Can't find where and what it is....


[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Clouds Improvements
« on: 2022-11-14, 14:07:18 »
Hi Forum,

I had some thoughts about the clouds feature and while it's a magnificent addition, I believe there is still room for improvement (these three could've been separate posts and I will make it 3 posts if that is preferred):
  • A seed modifier for the cirrus formations. I assume that the amount value just increases and decreases a texture's opacity for these clouds, but if they could be procedural, I think that would help with randomness and animations in the future.
  • A saturation modifier. Not necessarily colour saturation but water saturation. The darker the clouds, the more water they're holding and the harder for light to pass through. This may increase render times but could offer an easier solution for finding the right kind of overcast or stormy scenarios rather than finding an HDRI with the wrong time of day.
  • Lastly, better fullness control of the clouds when amount is set to 1.0. Even at 1.0, its not fully covered with some gaps in the cloudcover. Like a previous point, I assume that with complete/overcast coverage, it would slow down the rendering as everything would be in shadow, so perhaps a warning or a checkbox to enable complete cloud coverage?


Cool ideas!


[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2022-11-07, 15:04:58 »
As appealing as could be the ability to run Corona on GPU(s) and gain a (really) big boost of raw performance, I can understand the reluctance of the devs to port the engine to GPU :
  • a CPU render engine code is almost universal. A GPU render engine is Nvidia only or you have to be ready to maintain no less than 3 other versions : OneAPI( Intel), HIP(AMD), Metal (Apple). I don't know the details but I guess that's a bit more work than maintaining just one render engine if you don't want to tie your user to one videocard brand ( and even just NVidia is two implementations, CUDA and OptiX).
  • you are heavily dependent on GPU drivers, and this is not a detail. Here how it goes for Redshift users for 6 months : Super slow redshift IPR and rendering
  • And finally, the small amount of VRAM available, even on prosumer models, does not fit very well the type of project that the typical Corona user has to deal with. And NVidia killed NVlink with the RTX 4XXX series without offering a true alternative, so either you're stuck with 24Gb or you bite the bullet and spend 5K+€ on a RTX6000. Even so, it's "only" 48Gb and like the gaming cards, no more NVLink too.

Time to first pixel and responsivess on Cycles and Octane are crazy compared to CPU, so I would really like to see big improvements on the interactive rendering.

But, the VRAM used in rendering process, is completely different than the traditional RAM.
In 24GB can fit a lot of data that in the traditional RAM will occupy 3 times more.

In 2009 I had the privilege to be one of the first artists using the iray rendering engine. At that time, the GPU cards were having only 1.5GB VRam and look how many stuff was rendered with that "limited" memory! :D

Anyway, I am curious to see how things will evolve in the years to come.

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