Author Topic: Crash When Dragging Materials  (Read 1096 times)

2021-07-09, 17:23:21


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I've had many crashes by dragging materials from the Content Browser directly to objects or replacing an existing material in the Material Manager. In this crash, I had the IR running, but I have had this crash without any rendering going on.

It took 10-15 tries to get the crash. It's pretty random, but maybe there's something you can find in the report. Uploaded file is:  ""

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Jul  2 2021 15:04:17
Version: 7.0 rc 2
Cinema version: R20.059 CINEMA 4D Studio
MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

2021-07-09, 23:31:57
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I can confirm this issue and will log it internally.

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