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2021-06-14, 12:47:17


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Hello all. Can someone please help me to understand, how much the process of rendering depends on hdd/ssd speed? For my understanding, Corona uses the hdd mainly in the process of parsing the scene? Except there is no more RAM than it swaps? Is this correct? So the parsing, in my case, is nothing that I worry about. But does a hdd slow down the whole rendering? I have most of my files except "project files" on external drives. I would invest in external ssd, if this would speed up the rendering. Thanks.
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2021-06-14, 15:14:49
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No effect on the rendering time - even if you run out of RAM and it uses a disk cache, an SSD won't save you, as even an SSD is orders of magnitude slower than RAM access, so if you run out of RAM it is slow regardless :) Only affects loading proxies and images into RAM (which should be at scene load, afaik, rather than at render time, so opening scenes would be faster).