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[C4D] Feature Requests / Sky with Clouds
« on: 2020-12-01, 18:14:36 »

if you could add clouds ( with Animation?) to the sky, that would be great.

Similar to Cinema 4D physical Sky.

Possibly with further settings for atmosphere.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Corona Point Light
« on: 2020-12-01, 09:53:14 »
I like to use Point Light to illuminate individual characters.

Point Light is extremely important for the VFX area

Unfortunately, this feature is missing and a Corona Point Light would be a great improvement

[C4D] General Discussion / Switch from Arnold to Corona?
« on: 2020-11-07, 12:14:40 »
Hello together,

so far, I'm an Arnold user, but I am considering switching to another renderer like Corona 6.

Now I´m Working on VFX for Film and now I have a few questions and hope you can help me.

Can Corona EXR 32 bit files with layer?

Arnolds Denoiser ( not Optix, the Arnold Denoiser for EXR) can Denoise EXR, can this Corona as well as all Layers / Passes / AOVs / Multipasses

Can particle systems be used? I Use TurbulenceFD, FumeFX and X-Particles for Flame, Dust, Smoke etc.

Is Coronas Node Editor comparable to Arnold's?

Can it handle very great Scenes?

Compositing, 3D character creation, everything falls into my area of ​​responsibility and I just need a reliable renderer.

I hope you can help me and maybe Corona is just the right renderer.

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