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Gallery / Isolation
« on: 2020-04-13, 17:41:01 »
Hi Guys,

Here is my latest small personal project inspired from the way we cop with this pandemic madness.
Compositions are referenced by the StudioAmandaRodriguez for Ikea. The colours and the lighting is my take to convey the way we feel about the spaces we mostly use at this time.
The lighting is a combination of HDRI + Corona sky.
I've also used some volumetric objects in some scenes.
Wireframe images on the website.

Software: 3dsmax2016, Corona5, ArionFX, Marvelous Designer plus various plugins.

I hope you enjoy it.
If you have any questions, please ask below.

Gallery / Colours of the Fall
« on: 2019-09-22, 10:59:28 »
Hi guys,

This is a small personal project to celebrate my favourite season. It's an image reproduced from an old Debenhams catalogue.
Lit with an HDRI from CG Sources. Minimum post in photoshop with Dof in Frichluft for Fusion. Max for assembly, Corona for rendering, Marvelous Designer for cloth sims and pillows
Let me know your thoughts and if you think some things could have been better executed.


Software: 3DSMax, Corona4, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, Frischluft DOF, Fusion;
Resources: Friendly Shade, Real Displacement, MaxTree and Arroway Leather volume.

Gallery / Knoll
« on: 2018-04-04, 21:52:39 »
Hey there,

This is my latest personal project inspired by Knoll photoshoot by Federico Cedrone.
It's lit with an Hdri only for all the shots.
I usually save it in 32-bit exr and do the tone mapping in the post with everything else. DOF did also in the post before clamping the image to gamma 2.2. Software used was max 2016, Corona 1.7.4, Fusion 8, Forest pack for vegetation, Lenscare for dof.

Feel free to feedback it.

Full project and more here:


Gallery / Fade
« on: 2017-12-10, 22:00:48 »
This is my latest quick personal project made with the purpose to showcase the Fade Lamps by Tom Dixon 3D model. But then I realized that I can get few more shots from the space, and voile.
Everything is handled by me (design, modeling, shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing). Software used 3DSMax, Corona Renderer, Lenscare for Dof, ArionFX for post-production. Lighting is done with the use of an HDRI and some strobe lights depending on the shot, in a photographic manner. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my website (link in signature) for more, and also follow me on Behance for future updates.

Thank you

Gallery / Hans's dream kitchen
« on: 2017-10-17, 23:44:52 »
Hi guys,
Here's my latest personal project. It's a recreation of Ikea's inspiration set made by Hans Blomquist himself.
I wanted to recreate the raw feeling of the materials from the photos. It's not 100% true to photographs but a more adapted version. Most of the objects/materials/details were chosen on the go while working on bits and pieces of the main image. The lighting it's surprisingly simple, just the hdri himself with no extra hidden lights/strobes(usually when I feel it's needed, I use it but in the same real-world photographic approach, no fake bullshit). The window has the portal plane for noise reduction and optimisation.
It was rendered a while ago in 1.6.3 and around 120passes for 2/3 h each on the 3k longest side. While usually I use corona frame buffer tonemapping along the  process with the Dubcat's photographic LUT loaded, I still save it as raw exr and do the post in ArionFx as I'm more comfortable working in Ps and I discovered a way to embed the arion 32bit tonnemaping in a smart layer and loaded in an 8/16bit file and working with the rest of the ps feature without compressing the 32bit file and lose the ability to come back to arion edits later if I want/needed. Dof is made in frischluft, although I experimented with it in camera and I found it very straightforward I still feel more comfortable doing it in post after. Fusion was used only for running frischluft dof as it's the version of the plugin I have. After regular arionfx processing nothing else, just 2 or 3 shots I think I did some corrections in Ps, mostly in the plants as I wanted to pop up more.
Most of the props are from my library and all the fabrics are made by me in Marvelous with retopo in ZBrush as I wanted to have a cleaner topo and avoid any artefacts (I'm not satisfied with the topology of MD yet).
I also made some handmade bitmaps especially for specks of dust, smudges, paints, grunges etc.
Other software than 3dsmax himself, I used some shaders from sigershaders but as a base and build on top a more complex system depending on the needs.

Feel free to comment and ask anything about it and head to my website(link in signature) for the complete set of images.


Gallery / Estar
« on: 2017-03-30, 23:10:46 »
Hi guys,

This is my latest personal project made with lovely corona.
The project is based on a real building in Brazil.
Everything is 3d, minor post in ArionFX. Dof did in post with Frischluft Dof. Scattering is done with corona scatter.

3dsmax 2016, Corona 1.5.2, ArionFX(Ps), Frischluft Dof(Fusion8);
Rendering time : 2-3h per image, with denoise 0.6 value.

Feel free to ask or point anything in the comments bellow.


Gallery / Blue hour
« on: 2017-01-30, 23:45:17 »
Hi guys,

Here is my latest personal project. For far too long I admired the blue-ish images from big players like Dbox, PG, Neoscape etc, and always wanted to have something similar in my portfolio. And lately, I felt more "blue", maybe because of the cold outside I guess, and remind me about this "to do" I postponed too much. And here it is.
The only post was dof done in frichluft and the rest in Arion.

Software : 3dsmax2016+Corona 1.5 + Marvelous Designer+ ArionFx (Ps)+FrichluftDof (Fusion8);

Enjoy and feedback if you feel it down bellow.

Gallery / Neptune Kitchen
« on: 2016-12-11, 21:46:54 »
Hi guys,

I put here some images of a more experimental project. It started as a test for my most expected improvements in 1.5 = displacement. After playing a bit I decided to wrap it up in a small project which ended with this english kitchen from Neptune. Nothing more to say than I'm well impresed by the direction of the displacement in Corona. Still not at the octane real time speed, but I'm ok whith as it is.

As always I saved 32bit exr and did the little retouches in Arion. Dof was made with frischluft in fusion as I feel more confortable working with dof in post rather than in render. And of course 3dsmax2016.
Besides floor generator pro, the other script used was XrayUnwrap 2 which made unwraping a game, because the brick is a viz park texture combined with some mortar in Ps.

2500px on the longest side with 150passes and 0.5 denoise which took around 2h each on a I7 5960x machine.

Enjoy and feel free to ask or point anything you want in the comments below.

Gallery / Ikea Bathroom
« on: 2016-08-30, 22:50:57 »
Hi guys,

Here's anoher set of images made for my workflow improvements.
Inspiration from one and only Marcus Lawett.

As usual : Max 2016;Corona 1.4;MD;ArionFX;Lenscare; and some various max's plugins.
Rendertime around 3h with a 2.5 noise treshold set and a 0.5 denoise.

C&C are welcome.

Gallery / Modulor by Skandiform
« on: 2016-08-18, 12:08:42 »
Hi guys

This is a small personal project I made to improve my workflow.
Images based on Marcus Lawett photos for Skandiform.

Tools: 3dsmax2016+corona1.4+arionfx+lenscare


Gallery / Black Bathroom
« on: 2016-07-13, 00:59:25 »
Hi guys,
This is my latest project. Inspired by photos of Marcus Lawett.

I use an hdri from CG Source for global illumination with some artificial lights which can be seen in the images.

Max2016, Corona 1.4, MD, ArionFX, Lenscare DOF.

2.5h rendertime per image; dof made in post.

Any comments / sugestions feel free.

Gallery / Let's dine outside!
« on: 2016-06-30, 23:51:59 »
Hi guys.

Following the last thread of Lakeside Summer, I kept the exterior theme but this time with more editorial alike of a outside diner.
Also it's a personal project. Nothing fancy, I use Cscatter for foliage, Csun&sky for day shot and a PG hdri for night shot's with corona light's. Everything is 3d.
I love the way that Corona works just right when you use real values and you don't have to do "special" tricks to get something corect in terms of realism.
I also have to say that I wanted to do a moonlight but didn't know how to. That would be a nice tutorial from Corona team ;);

Software: 3dsmax2016+Corona 1.4+MD+ArionFx+Lenscare for Dof.
150passes with .5 denoise around 2-3h per image.

Any comments/sugestions, just write it down.

Gallery / Lakeside Summer
« on: 2016-06-13, 22:34:00 »
Hi guys,
This is my latest personal project.
it's made after some images I found online from Esprit Home.
My intention was to get more familiar with vegetation and exteriors in general, since I do mostly interiors. It was fun and the biggest plus goes to Corona and the team behind it who made a render which just works. No struggling or headaches. Good job guys!

Software: 3DsMax 2016+Corona 1.4+Md+ArionFx(Ps)+Lenscare;
Csun&sky + Cscatter with proxy for everything vegetation;
Render times: around 2-3h with denoise .5 on a I7 5960x with 64gb ram, but it took only 16gb in renders;

Thanks for watching and if you want to ask/point something, please comment.

Work in Progress/Tests / Lakeside Summer
« on: 2016-06-05, 14:42:19 »
Hi guys,
This is my latest personal project. For very long time I wanted to make something on a lake and after long waiting I saw some images from Esprit which caught my attention.
It's almost finnish, this is a raw render straight from vfb, no post or anything. I used max2016, corona1.4, Md for everithing cloth, Csun&sky for lighting and Cscatter for foliage.
It has a 0.8 denoise.
I would love to hear some different POV.
Note that the contrasti effect is a personal taste, I like crisp colors, so I'm not gonna change that.
For final I would add some few more props and that's it. Maybe I would think for a night shot, but not sure and possibily an small animation but I have nothing in mind right now.
Wait your  thought's :).

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