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Corona Academy now open!


The Corona Academy helps you learn Corona by guiding you through the creation of scenes from start to finish. It introduces each Corona feature in the exact time you would use it in a typical real-world workflow, allowing you to apply your knowledge immediately. The Corona Academy is a great companion to our YouTube channel, which delves into specific features one at a time.

The Corona Academy lessons provide in-depth insights into working with Corona and are suitable for users of all levels. We recommend that complete beginners start with our YouTube videos and documentation. New Academy videos will be regularly published, gradually covering every parameter, tool, and feature of Corona. All videos are available to anyone with an active Corona license, simply head on over to the Corona Academy pages and login with your Chaos account to start learning!

You can use this forum board to ask questions, share your results from following along with the lessons, or give any feedback you have about the Academy - simply start a new topic, or join in on any existing ones! We hope this makes Corona even easier to learn than ever before!


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