Author Topic: Complex falloff  (Read 14802 times)

2018-01-25, 01:20:59
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I wouldn't switch to Max just for a shader or a plugin, even though I have experience with it. Something different should offer real magic before I switch.
People get used to their tools, have invested in them, built their own libraries.
Sure, you can do pretty much the same things with different applications, be it Max, Maya, C4D or Modo.
The familiarity with the software basically defines the efficiency of one's workflow. People also have deadlines or no time to learn something new.

Let's take ZBrush and 3DCoat, for example. I started with ZB, even though it doesn't have such a nice clean and intuitive straight-forward workflow like 3DC and I bet a lot of things could be much easier in 3DC. (Re-)topology, UV- mapping, per pixel painting in multiple channels...
I don't even use C4D's sculpting tools for that reason.
There's nothing I can think of that I couldn't do in ZB/C4D and I know exactly what to do.

Unless there's an insurmountable wall that I cannot climb over, I have no intention of switching. Due to my experience, there's always another way or more or some yet unknown trick to solve the puzzle. Sure, I've banged my head more than once against the wall but that has led to a better understanding of the software or things in general and have always found a solution.

Every Person would give you a different reason, though it will most likely be money, comfort or time or a mix of all of them.

2018-01-25, 09:29:58
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Nejc Kilar

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Innocent question (i swear ), why not use max?

I find 3ds Max to be great and very technical (complex) which means that you can pretty much create anything in it and there is a button for if you'll look for it. Some of the functionality is just amazing really. I like that even though the UI suffers for it. So the software isn't bad at all for me.

That said... if they'd keep perpetual licenses I'd own both but still probably use C4D more - I like the more organized approach and the development seems fairly constant. Its really fast and intuitive to create certain stuff - especially animation ala mograph. I do have criticism for the app and Maxon in general  too but nothing of the sorts like with Autodesk. AD is just weird.

So yeah, please keep developing the c4d version, lol :P
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2019-02-20, 07:11:52
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Hey guys, so I've been scouring the internet regarding this topic, replicating 3ds Max falloff shader in Corona C4D. However I got confused between fresnel and falloff shader in C4D. Can anyone tell me what's the correct workflow in C4D that closely replicate the effect from 3ds Max. Thanks in advance. Cheers !

2021-04-24, 14:28:17
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I am not seeing these some important features in C4D Corona Roadmap, I hope it will be added till its final release.

Yes, you are correct. These features have not been planned yet.

So can anyone show me this feature is released in 2021? Or maybe it is not developed?
Thank you.

2021-05-01, 18:45:47
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Please do not "Maxify" our c4d. There are tons of stuff out there only for max and only a few for c4d. We donnot want maxuser to hijack c4d!


2021-05-02, 22:50:20
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