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2020-04-28, 12:26:30


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Hi. I know there's a future plan to enable the installation of the material library on a shared network path (server/nas). I'm wondering if there's a way with the current build to modify the default paths of the installed mat. lib and point it to a network location? Through the registry or environment variables perhaps?

2020-04-29, 17:43:06
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I haven't tested this, and this is not any officially recommended solution, but _I think_ this should be possible to do with junctions/symbolic links:

So you point the software to C:\Program Files\Corona\materials, but in reality it is looking at a network location.
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2020-04-29, 18:30:39
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in addition to maru's post, we synced our mat library with the junctions/symbolic links as the guide here has it explained:

We have the original content browser library on our fileserver, each work station has a link pointing to the location. Unfortunately we ran into some trouble, when users wanted to modify or add elements to the libraries, or updates werent properly done cause users had instances of c4d open etc.... Ever since we don't use it that much. I always wanted to try to have one user be the main source for the library and have others point to that user (via fileserver + symbolic links). But never had the time for it...

The link describes that option as well, if I recall correctly.

Does that help?


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2022-01-14, 21:19:52
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the material library will be replaced by Chaos Cosmos
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