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[C4D] General Discussion / Reflections in Physical material
« on: 2021-09-21, 18:07:36 »
Hello all, name's Alex
I using Corona since V4. Now I'm play with v7 Physical Material system, I've a question:
How can I dim the reflections on a GLASS Mat as previously materials?.
With previously GLASS Mat (legacy) when I turn the Refractions and reflections on I can dim the reflection layer by using the all has been "merged" on a unique IOR parameter.

E.g. I create a GLASS Box on a bathroom, and I see that the reflections are to with only one IOR is very hard...
Thanks for any tips!

Oh Don't worry, sure that I'm not happy of BigSur upgrade, I waited to install it but after all Im not happy...
Corona Render run smoothly anyway...I'm curious about Corona 7 Daily...If I have some free time I will try with it...

Anyway, Corona Render is the best piece of software and rendering engine ever...I work on CGI since 1999...

Dear Jan, thanks for the reply. This issue doesn't happen with VFB in front of C4D Guy, this issue is only for Picture Viewer that significantly slowdown the Main C4D GUI when still open.

About the second question, here you can see the activity monitor when Corona is running and when C4D rendering engine is running (I disabled the Internal C4D GI engine due to a it's technology that doesn't use all cores)

About pictures, I have a 8 cores ->800%

You can see your self that Cinema4D takes more processor than Corona but doesn't Lag the GUI. The problems seems to be the continuous ping to the picture viewer by Corona Render...that send the refreshed picture to the window...the issue doesn't happen if you close the picture viewer window or hide it into the Cinema4D main GUI (for example if you hang the Picture viewer behind the 3D viewport...

This behaviour doesn't happen with Catalina...only with BigSur :( All my systems has a clean BigSur Installations...I have two iMacs with Intel i9 10-cores and 32 GB of ram, the problem still there on these machine as well...All after BigSur :(

ps: the Cinema4D run with 8GB during rendering on a 16 GB of total no problem about the ram...

Here you can take a look into the problem:

Corona Rendering engine:
Take a look how the GUI become irresponsive during rendering with Picture Viewer on Foreground and when I close it in background

C4D Rendering engine:
Same here but without LAG

Hello, let me make a video happens only with Corona Renderer in action...with C4D internal render doesn't slow down the GUI...
Alex :)

Hello, I noticed a strange behaviour with Cinema R23+S24 and Corona 6 hotfix2 + BigSur. No problem with Catalina that I used until now.
if I start an high resolution render (around 4000 pixel picture) to the Cinema4D Picture Viewer and leave the window on Cinema4D foreground, all Cinema4D become unresponsive with a two or three seconds LAG. If I close the window (without stop the rendering) all become responsive.
Seems that the Picture Viewer with Corona Render make the whole C4D totally unresponsive.
This behaviour was not into Catalina system but only with BigSure (clean installation).

I have this issue to all my Office Mac with BigSur (two iMacs 2020, Macbook 2016 and Macbook 2018)
Anyone got this issue?

I just tried exactly as in your video and got no freeze. I will try in R21 now...

Edit: No, doesn't happen in R21 either...

Did you try on OSX version?

Sorry I wrong about Windows, this happen only on my Mac, sorry again. This seems to be an Apple related problem and not windows.
I don't know how give you some feedback on OSX because the App still freeze...:(

Hi! maybe the Minidump is the best way because Cinema4D become staked and doesn't give me the bug report because become freeze.
But I can try under Windows the MiniDump.

Hi! I make a video about this issue, please take a look to the full video until the and where the issue appears , and take a look to the Cinema4D bottom bar, at the and of the video you can see that Corona still freeze on "calculating second GI". On the screen recording you can't see the spinning ball but you can see the C4D cross mouse icon freezed, its only a screen recording limitation that don't record the spinning ball.


ps: as I said on my prev post this issue happens from Corona 5 and still on C4D 21 and backwards, windows and mac as well

Hi! this happen on all scene, if I create a cube and I turn on Corona Renderer, if I select "render region" for rendering a little portion of the viewport, the first time all si fine, the second time all si fine, the third time usually I got the spinning ball and all goes to freeze..
If you need I can make a video capture of the situation...
This issue is started with Corona 5...I use Corona 10 hours each day for my job here, and the Corona 4 doesn't had this issue :-/

Hi to all, every time I'm working on mac or windows and try to use "render region" I got the spinning ball of death and I must force quit Cinema4D.
Anyone experience this issue?
I'm Working on R21 and Corona 5.
Happens on both mac and windows on latest OS.
Corona freeze C4D  during "computing second GI"


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Standard Stereoscopic Camera
« on: 2019-10-17, 14:48:09 »
Great tips! thanks and greetings for Corona Render. I'm working on 3D graphic productions since 1998 and Corona Render is the greatest piece of software ever seen before.


[C4D] General Discussion / Standard Stereoscopic Camera
« on: 2019-10-17, 09:28:59 »
Hi Guys, I noticed that Corona can handle stereoscopic render into the TAG settings of the corona camera. But seems it can be set only for special camera as spherical or cylindrical or cubic.
I would like how to set a standard stereoscopic with corona...but I think is impossible :(
I need to render a simple video but I don't want to make a 360 panoramic stereo movie, I need only a simple stereoscopic...
any tips?

[Max] General Discussion / Corona Activation under Proxy
« on: 2019-09-10, 11:52:57 »
Hi Guys, during next October I will teach on a school where Corona Render will be used as main render engine with Cinema4D. Last Year I was on the same school where a Proxy server gave me some activation problem for Corona Demo. All school computers are behind a proxy.
The school  IT man told me that I can give to him some internet addresses for better web surfing or something else.
How I can give to him the activation server address to avoid Corona staking on every cinema4D session? Where I can get the real address?


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