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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: License
« on: Yesterday at 10:51:30 »
that's exactly what I meant and how all software licenses works on all common software.


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: License
« on: Yesterday at 10:36:08 »
I am assuming from the description that the needs here are "Work in a scene, including IR and some rendering, on one machine, while purely rendering on a second" which will require more than just a single license. If the "including IR and some rendering" is not the case, then indeed 1 license would be enough (rare though I think for someone to never need any sort of IR or rendering while working on a scene, but you never know!)

Still got my question on whether this is an ongoing uninterrupted subscription from Corona 7 or earlier, though!

I think the User means that with Corona 7 and previously versions, for a strange behaviour, you could use it on more computes at the same time with a only single license...when the Chaos Server was out for corona8, now more license are needed...
On the Corona 7 and early versions the licensing web unlocking system was missing. Now you can manage the licenses on Chaos Corona and drop a license if you need. So each computer with Cinema4D with a GUI need a license, but not on the past 🤔

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: License
« on: Yesterday at 10:30:08 »
The way is very easy:

Macbook: 1 Corona License
Other PC: 1 Corona License

So if you have already a Corona License, you need to buy another license of corona in order to get the second PC running with Corona Render at the same time. Remember also that now if you are using R20 (with serial number) and the R21 (with subscription system) you can use Cinema4D without problem, but if you will change to R21 for both computer you will need another Cinema4D license as well due to a subscription license with login and password, the Serial system has been canceled by Maxon.

By the way, Using the render node license is not comfortable because you need to setup the team render and avoid the first computer contributing or a team render server is needed...very annoying.
I think two licenses is a best way...

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: DOF and Corona SKY
« on: 2022-09-21, 11:18:23 »
Sure, the strange behaviour appears when you using a second SKY with a frontal image on the background.
Sometimes using a frontal projection on a SKY is suitable for Video compositing or for environment backplates and the DOF destroy the image on the background.
Look at rendering here, the first one is without DOF and the second is with a DOF (Focus distance hit the final wall)

Seems that the FRONTAL projection on the corona SKY put the image very near on the scene and the DOF doesn't recognise where it is....

The scene:

[C4D] Feature Requests / DOF and Corona SKY
« on: 2022-09-20, 09:36:41 »
Usually I use the Corona Sky or multiple Corona SKY for HDR and background image plate...
When I use the DOF feature, Corona doesn't know where the sky is, I mean the distance, so the background become fully out of focus...
Difference from Cinema4D SKY that doesn't become blurry due to the "infinity" position...
It's possibile to have this feature on Corona Render?

I don't know why Corona doesn't use all power on M1 are my preferences about Corona...usually I don't touch nothing...all is from a fresh installation....

This is a native Cinema4D scene (40 GB of ram during rendering) and you can see the processors temperature throttle or something else...only Corona Render after some pass is slowing down...

Yes I tried with a full clean restart as well. I tried also on VFB final render, Picture Viewer and IRR....Now I'm try with a huge Cinema4D standard render scene....let me try and I will came back soon...

Here attached you can see what happen to my scene on my M1 pro Max.
The blue lines on my CPU history is what happen during corona render after 5° PASS....on the first five passes the CPU hit 960%...very good...after five passes the CPU slow down...
Only with Corona Renderer...

I don't think that there is thermal trolling on M1 Pro Max due to some test I done previously...
I tried to change settings when the MacBook is plugged in, there are three settings, low energy, auto, and high energy...when Corona render these settings are ignored and the render percentage doesn't change anymore.

With other rendering engine based on CPU the percentage still on 960%....

Interesting the post process argument...let me try some experiment....

[C4D] General Discussion / Corona on M1....invastigation...
« on: 2022-09-13, 11:19:34 »
Hi Guys, I'm continuing to research about M1 intensive task render. Today I'm rendering a very big scene on my M1 Pro Max 64GB of ram via team render, here you can see how Corona is getting from my processors...
Cinema4D is getting around 35GB of memory (hided on the panel) so the scene is not simple to render...
Anyone experienced on M1 this kind of l percentage of total processor? around 70%....?

With simple scene Corona Render is getting around 90% of processor speed....see the screenshots differences...

Absolutely not...OSX with default fresh installation...with no Adblock or firewall or something else installed...

Sure! MacBook Pro M1 Max with Cinema4D latest release and corona render 8 hotfix1.
OS X monterey fresh and clean installation 😄.
Happen today after opened cosmos and found the update.
First time update on my M1, on my previously MacBook intel all upgrades has been delivered and installed successfully.

Today the Cosmos Browser alerted me about an update.... I hit update and after installation the app has been hanged into cinema4d with the "quitting application" balloon...
After relaunched Cinema4D the Cosmos shows a black window and it doesn't God!

I unsistalled the app with terminal app stored into the ChaosGroup Folder (app without icon...) and re-installed by the Corona Render installer...How does is possibile to release this kind of bad upgrade?
c'mon guys...

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: M1 processor VS i9 Intel 10K
« on: 2022-09-05, 08:26:07 »
mmm thanks for your time...I hope to hear some from developers...

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