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good news Ondra, thanks!

[Max] General Discussion / Re: washed out cosmos assets
« on: Yesterday at 13:46:34 »
i think this comes as v-ray has a reflection intensity(reflection color) feature beside the ior setting,
which corona hasn't anymore in its new physical material.

the same asset in vray looks ok, there one sees an IOR around 15 like it had been usual for long times, but they usually have a dark greyscale reflection color which dims the reflection intensity.
the same assets comes in in corona with same ior, but white reflection.

i use a small textured plane in front of a sector light, that works quite ok so far for some cases.
i saved that setup for me in assets lib to easy use it all time and only change gobo texture.

it not works goof for absolute sharp gobos though, and i think is slower than a pure textured light might be.
(i hope too of course that we get textured lights for easy gobo use like in 3dsmax corona)

for really all ways of tiles and structures in any shape,  including all types of randomisations etc, we made this tool for:
it renders native in corona.

we use it in all our c4d and corona projects:)
maybe it is of interests for you.


[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: v9 More Interactive Crashes
« on: 2022-09-26, 23:30:16 »
i get also a lot of Interactive crashes. like every 5 to 15min.

mostly i think when i move or copy instances(render instances), if that narrows it a bit

for animation or if you need the exact same noise quality on different computers, i woudl use the noise limit.

this ensures the image is at the same "quality level" (as time can be different for different frames or on different pcs)

well that's not really a valid work flow, isnt it ? :)
pls fix it, it worked fine in last daily beta:)

we have most here as betas for windows in test for 2023. you can email us in case if you have it urgent

i removed the new daily already sorry. so cant make a screenshot.

it was crashing all the time with existing scenes when i hit render, or IR, before the render starts.
i render via vfb. the error message was QT related (gui Qt6 error).
it then freezes c4d,  i have to force quit it.
i have the same issue on 2 different pcs with win10 pro.

a simple new made scene with only a cube and sun/sky did also render ok.

the older v9 daily works ok, (also v8), this i use for now on my work machines atm

"What I was wondering, how can I create the texture for the cut through fiber direction?
 of a beam?"

for the cut face side(normal to fibers),  you needed to find an according texsture online , or take a photo and make a extra texture for it

i geta QT6 error,
maybe itcollides with another plugin(vray ?)

sadly the old corona daily download link not works anymore.(edit found the old link)

here too, i get a crash


the last daily crashes here on r25 windows at rendering. this is at existing scenes  i made with older coronas (fresh work)

sadly i cant find the older corona beta 9 as i have a scene with clouds made with it?

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