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I noticed that lighting temperature applied via lightmix has changed in the latest version of Corona. Has the update attempted to make temperature changes more realistic, or is this an unintented change?

Comparing outputs from 7 and Keyshot vs 8, warmer colour temperatures are a lot less saturated in the new version.

I'm currently rendering an animation for a client, and have the bug mentioned in this thread ( reared its head with CoronaPhysicalMaterials, after I converted a scene made with Corona 6.

Unfortunately I can't send the scene due to an NDA. I'm using Max 2021 ( with Corona 7 Hotfix 1. Using UHD Cache in animation mode with 2px screen size displacement, with all other settings left on their defaults.

Sending my scene to render on Backburner, everything is fine up until it comes to saving the image, at which point Corona reports the aforementioned internal error. I've attached a screenshot of Backburner's console for reference.

I fixed the error on my end by converting back all materials with displacements to CoronaLegacy, and everything's running smoothly. Sorry I can't provide more details.

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