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Hi all,
I really need urgent help on this problem (it happens form time to time):
two machine collaborate with backburner to an animation; randomly it happen that some images
have slightly different light that becomes flicker once joined in video.

- All maps are saved in a Nas, the UHD Cache aswell
- Pc1 has BB manager and works as a server too
- Pc2 works like server
- The cache parameters are: "Try to load + append" and "save to file" (to nas)

so... my thoughts are that sometime  while a pc is trying to write the cache maybe is blocked by the other one that is writing it too
and this creates some  differences... is it possible?
And if it is possible, so what can be the workaround?
Or there is a better way to make it work flawlessly?

I added PC3 in the middle of the backburner job; same Max version (2016), same other stuff...
But each render of PC3 has more light in it.

Any idea?


I'm using Win7, Max18, corona daily-2020-05-14 and  phoenixFD_adv_41000 (but latest nightly is the same):
- I'm following this tutorial:
- I set PhoenixFDTexmap in diffuse slot, channel Grid RGB
- randomly freezes if I set reflection and/or refraction other then 0
- when not freezes reflection parameter seems not working
- sometimes gives the error attached and then crashes
I attach my sample scene

Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you,

[Max] Feature Requests / CXR file format feature request
« on: 2019-11-08, 20:03:15 »
Hi all,
I've got a problem: I have a lot of cxr files of (very) huge size - 5Gb for a 3k image, and 25Gb for a 5k image.
For what is my (little) knowledge, the cxr file format is the sum of all the elements of the lightmix (don't know if it stores all the other render elements too);
as i think the huge size reason is that each of these elements is stored as an exr image (I'm I wrong?),

So  this is my request for cxr format: something like a checkbox that can permit to choose a "small size CXR" with te beauty element
stored as an exr and all the other elements as compressed files (jpg, png...).

Is this something completly crazy or has sense for you?

Thank you,

we've got four machines we use as a render farm with backburner as manager.
Making 250 frames for a shot, we suddenly saw that in a random manner every machine sometimes made a frame with a different light.
The sequence was wrong, so we had to redo all the bad renders on a single machine.
At the time we were not able to isolate the problem.
When we made another, different shot all seemed to work well, untill we decided to change "filmic shadow" parameter to 0,5.
Suddenly the problem came up. So this is all I know: we can't use filmic shadow in a network render contest.
We did'nt had time to see if other Ton mapping values can cause such behavior...
Any ideas?

Thank you,

Hi All,

searching on the forum I didn't find a similar report so I hope it's not a duplicate:

Using corona distance map in a render time boolean, if a material uses volumetric scattering, with absortion color different from pure white, it doesn't work as expected.
If needed I'll upload the scene.
Tested on Max 16/19 and corona 3/4.


edit: changed image

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