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Hi guys, was interested to know if any work is under going on integration with sketchup ?

Corona for Lightwave !!

Corona for Rhino would be a great deal.

Some points to do it:
* very good pricing and so a wide user base from hobby to pro user, cheap for students
* NURBS data based - used by architects and designers, since production data can be direct handled and created
* lively development, lively community

A version for Modo would be great, as for us freelancers the price of Modo is highly relevant and with a renderer like Corona we would have a solid solution that we as freelancers can grow with.
I today use Octane in Modo, but need more ram to handle larger scenes for one example. And that's where corona would come in. I have been looking at Max and C4D to get access to Corona, but the price is to high for me at the moment. And not to talk about the learning time..

Som feture requests would be.

1. Highly integrated with Modo, no need to use a separate window for making shaders or light. Exept for special shaders, like V-Ray for Modo is.
2. Displacement maps, stack able on one shader.
3. Some great support for instances/replicators to make dence nature.
4. F-stops at the camera, not a scale.
5. Able to save shaders for later use, in a simple way. One click of a button would be great.

I would buy it in an alpha stage if this is going to be real.


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