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I choose Modo for:
-I think  the most popular render engine for modo at the moment is it's internal render engine; on the contrary cinema4d has a wide range of vray user, an implementation of mental ray an all other package (modo too) like maxwell and arion
-modo is cheaper then cinema4d and has everything in one version not prime/broadcast/visualization/studio...I heard someone saying that the price will increase, but at the moment is cheaper, maybe in the future there will be time for other implementation like cinema
-modo doesn't need thousand of third party plugins, for example scatter proxy, that cause a change in the corona code.
-modo has connection with nuke (!!!!)

My first thoughts....

I guess Cinema4D is good for now. Why?

- Modo is great for modelling and good for creepy guys like Houdini & Naiad fans. Although it's a compelling project, but not much popular.
- Modo has it's own internal "corona", and I heard it's good. Why need another one? :)
- Softimage is for vfx pro's & geeks. It's like more for prMan, Arnold, etc... but not for Corona.
- Cinema left :-) It's popular. Cheap. Simple. Etc, etc, etc. And it also has everything ported to it - vrays, shmirays, etc. So Corona should be ported to it too.

I don't have anything against Modo, even like it more than Cinema (although I didn't touch it yet, as Cinema either). But let Modo be second. And Cinema first.

That's my humble little emotional opinion.

CINEMA 4D for sure.  Like everyone says it's made to do VFX.  Corona is so fast it can easily be used to give high quality animations of VFX work.  Modo is still struggling with anything animation related.  Modo is also buggy, crashes, and got a lot of users mad at it from the last release because they didn't go the direction the users wanted.  In contrast if I ever use C4D and it crashes I am in complete shock and soon realize it probably crashed because of a plugin I just installed.

well from those candidates I think cinema4d makes most sense... Softimage indeed has good arnold integration but arnold itself is close to unusable for archviz (extremely slow for doing interior GI) on other hand, there's not that much archviz done using XSI as there are with cinema or modo.

+1 for Cinema 4D

* Cinema 4D almost has no Vray alternative renders
* Cinema 4D`s built in physical and GI renders are not so fast as Modo`s one
* Cinema 4D has weak materials, they look more plastic than same materials in other software
* Cinema 4D has great built in tools for broadcast and animation, so Corona will add some "stars" for this product and...
* Cinema 4D is the eaysiest to learn software, so it share its popularity with Corona


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