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Baking different file extensions are not possible. Corona 11 and may be previous


Its so frustrating to find a limitaions where its not seems to be.
But as I understand there is no possibility to bake same object but different file extentions? In the end it saves as predefine extension, but you cant work with it. There is opening error. in JPG and CXR file
For this example its .PNG? please check the file weight is correct to file extensions. But its could be open only if to change the file extensiob to the first on the list in my case .PNG

Works just fine here. 3ds max 2024.2 Corona 11 HF1


--- Quote from: romullus on 2024-03-31, 13:50:51 ---Works just fine here. 3ds max 2024.2 Corona 11 HF1

--- End quote ---

Thank you! I will update 3ds max abd come back.


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