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Improved support of max colour management

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We've been playing around with AgX as mentioned in some other posts and would ideally like to make use of it in Max's color management instead of the current solution using LUTs, however Corona currently doesn't support the "OCIO - Custom Config File" option.

Aram Avetisyan:
Hi Sam,

Better and more support of 3ds Max's Color Management menu is planned, and I will pass this to the related task too.

It is not quite a LUT, while its effect can be faked well with an LUT, the closer thing to AgX is the ACES OT.
As I understand, you are specifying AgX setup in the custom config file, and that is what you would like to be supported. It is not just about AgX itself, right?

Hi Aram,

Correct - this is more about the custom config being fully supported.


Aram Avetisyan:
A few simple tests were made and it seemed to be working.
Can you please send the config file, which you think is not working, so we can test it?
You can attach it here or send via submitting a ticket here:

Aram Avetisyan:

AgX config files were loaded into custom OCIO workflow of 3ds Max Color management, and everything worked fine - meaning it got loaded and recognized.
The main issue here still remains that Frame buffer view transform is not supported (AgX is a view transform) yet by Corona in OCIO workflow.
After frame buffer view transform implementation, which will mostly complete 3ds Max Color management support for Corona, this can be retested.


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