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2021-06-25, 17:45:57


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hello!!! I often had rather heavy scenes, with tons of instances... So, the "low memory" is often on pop up; I use i9 with 64 g ram, and actually plan to buy a computer with ryzen  9 59950x; does 128 g ram  necessary? do you mainly have that amount of ram? thank you for hints!!!

2021-06-25, 22:22:08
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If your budget allows you to purchase that amount of RAM, go ahead.
However, I'll consider optimizing the scenes; 64GB of RAM is a pretty decent amount of RAM, but if you don't optimize your scene files, having 512GB of RAM (just saying) wouldn't be enough too.
Optimizing a scene file is the best way to keep things working smoothly.
You can use LODs; for example, you can optimize textures used (e.g., you might want to use hi-res texture files for objects near the camera and low-res textures with objects far from the camera, it's like LODs for textures).
What I mean is that there are several ways to optimize the scene to work nicely and smoothly.
I hope this helps you.