Author Topic: Opacity texture in viewport  (Read 1523 times)

2021-06-14, 10:07:57


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Hey guys,

I always noticed that the opacity channel is not displayed correctly in c4d viewport (see attached image).
Is this thing going to be fixed in the future?

2021-06-14, 15:43:40
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no plans in the immediate future, we plan to tackle this together with Corona Sky viewport's behaviour, which does not have an ETA yet.

Learn how to report bugs for Corona in C4D here.

2021-06-30, 15:27:54
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This was working in past versions of c4d and corona - a lot of the work I do relies on decals so this is become a bit of an annoyance, requiring Viewport Preview render to adjust decal placement

Would be great to get this feature back!

2021-07-01, 11:37:27
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What I do to get around this limitation, is to set up the decal with a regular c4d material, adjust the projection and position, and then swap it out with a Corona material once I'm satisfied with the placement.

2021-07-12, 08:49:34
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from my understanding, corona utilizes the Diffuse channel to be displayed in the viewport. what i do is cpoying the opacity texture to the diffuse channel for placement. after that i simply set the mix strenght to 0% or delete the texture in diffuse. Not sure if you have to deactivate the opacity channel while placing your decal though.

Not the smoothest way of doing it but i see no other solution right now.

Maybe this helps ;)