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Open CXR file in VFB corona


I would like to request a feature, the ability to load a CXR file into the Corona VFB window, it is very lacking when working with heavy scenes, where a lot of memory is used and preparing geometry takes a long time. I use the "Resume file" function, after which 3ds max immediately starts rendering, loading geometry, and so on, I have to immediately press cancel, so that in quiet mode I can set Regions. This procedure takes up working time.

And there is an opportunity to fix such a problem. I have a project that counts 30 hours, halfway through I noticed that I didn't turn on the grass, I stop the render, select the Regions section, count to the noise value I need, stop the render, remove the Region, click the render ,the render starts counting from the beginning, instead of continuing. I would be very grateful if you would implement this features

This has been already requested many times, however I am not aware of any specific date when we could expect it.

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I stumbled on this post while searching for a way to load cxr in the corona vfb.
Is it still not possible to this day ?
If not, how do you corona users tackle such a simple task as doing a region render on a previously rendered image ?

Hi, this is not yet possible, but we have it logged as a feature request.
As to your question, currently you would have to:
- Save your render as CXR
- Open exactly the same scene which was used for the original rendering
- Go to Render Setup > System and disable "Clear VFB between renders"
- Then use the "resume from file" option (click and hold on the VFB Render button or go to Render Setup > Scene > Resume from file), stop rendering (at any time, even after just 1 second). At this point you will end up with a Corona VFB with your CXR file loaded in it.
- Then make some adjustments in your scene, and region-render

I can understand that the feature requested here would make the process much simpler.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation maru.
This is exactly the same workflow I figured out by myself. The part where I had to resume the render then stop it immediately seemed odd and I thought I missed something or was doing it wrong.
Fingers crossed for the option to directly load a cxr in the frame buffer.


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