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Color Correction

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I'm currently using Max's color correction every time.


--- Quote from: Frood on 2019-01-18, 12:55:53 ---CCC is quite brittle and limited anyway - compared to the old trusty ColorCorrect plugin ( which we stopped to use after ColorCorrection from Adesk was enhanced). It has RGB(a) HSV and HSL controls, I was surprised that it is still maintained.
Good Luck

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Cuneyt recompiles it probably because I'm regularly poking him when a new Max version is out. Kudos to him for doing this, he has been busy with other stuff for some years now.
It's far superior to Max' built-in version and it has super convenient numerical clamping options, especially useful if you want to tweak you HDR maps. The only weak spot is the brightness/contrast combo, that one isn't really intuitive. But you can get a lot out of it.


--- Quote from: pokoy on 2019-01-23, 16:53:26 ---Kudos to him for doing this

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Absolutely. And it seems to you too - for being unendurably niggling ;]

Good Luck


--- Quote from: Frood on 2019-01-23, 17:14:55 ---...
unendurably niggling ;]
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Seems I'm not good at hiding it :D



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