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Physical camera to corona camera

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Resurrecting this old thread from the depths....

Any chance of a corona powertool or something to mass convert max physical cameras > corona cameras? Or maybe as part of the Corona Converter?

It's fine if it's not 1:1 the same - just the critical stuff like cam+target position, shift/tilt, FOV etc. and maybe any other data it's able to pull like aperture etc.


maybe this is what you need

--- Quote from: lupaz on 2019-01-06, 18:55:56 ---Hello.

Is the way to convert a physical camera to corona camera to add a CoronaCameraMod? Or is there a script?

Also I have over 80 cameras in a scene. Is there a script to add the CoronaCameraMod to all of them automatically?


--- End quote ---

quick and dirty for those who don't want to use the paid script:
(please do a scene hold before running this)

--- Code: ---phyCams = for i in cameras where isKindOf i Physical_Camera collect i

for c in phyCams do
cc = CoronaCam() = + "_converted"
cc.pos = c.pos
if c.targeted == true then =
cc.targeted = off
cc.transform = c.transform
cc.fov = c.fov
cc.fstop = c.f_number
cc.verticalShift = c.vertical_shift/100
cc.horizontalShift = c.horizontal_shift/100
cc.horizontalTilt = c.horizontal_tilt_correction
cc.verticalTilt = c.vertical_tilt_correction
--delete phyCams -- enable this to delete the original cameras

--- End code ---


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