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HI, has anyone come across this message while distributed rendering? I am trying it on 2 slaves and both slaves return the same message in the log. The slaves return 0 updates and 0 passes and they show parsing scene then Connection failed and this goes on repeatedly.
I am attaching the logs + screenshot of the exr that is saved
Can anyone please advise what the problem might be?

"Have you tried turning it OFF and back ON? "

Didnt find the solution, but seems to work after restarting the computer :)

Which computer did you restart to make it work? Try, if you can, to disable any firewalls or antivirus software you may have on the workstation and the nodes and see if it occurs again.

I am running into a similar "cannot contact 3Ds Max" issue. I have 3 workstations and 3 nodes. I can successfully tie in the workstations to participate in distributed rendering but the nodes refuse to stay connected and give me the "cannot contact 3ds max" error. The other 2 workstations are able to successfully tie in the nodes for distributed so it seems only one workstation is having this issue.

I'm very confused because just tried using another max file and the nodes seem to be working as it looks like it is something in this specific max file that is preventing the nodes to stay connected.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I've just had something similar and posted on it..

Perhaps it will help you.


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