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[Max] I need help! / Re: Animation tips&tricks
« on: 2021-10-04, 16:59:00 »
There aren't really any special render settings for animations. If a frame looks good rendered as a still, it will also look good as an animation frame.
In animations, usually the quality can be a bit worse, because when an image is in motion, it is harder to spot the little imperfections.

You need to remember about correct UHD Cache settings to prevent flickering -

Denoisers have no temporal consistency unfortunately. If a denoiser does not seem to work well enough, it is a better idea to render slightly noisy frames and then denoise them in 3rd party software.

Already logged, will be looked into.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1021)

Yes, please always use that link to contact us about any serious issues such as:
- licensing
- payments
- serious bugs

Writing on the forum is fine too, but it is a more "unofficial" channel so we can't guarantee that some important topic will not be overlooked (we do our best to avoid that of course!).

Hi, sorry for that. We will do our best to provide you with a student license ASAP.
In the future, in case of similar issues, please contact us through our official support channel -

Hi, we should be able to help, but can you share some about your current setup and how exactly you are rendering?
- Are you using Corona's distributed rendering to render a single frame on multiple computers?
- Are you using Backburner to render one frame per one computer?
- [any other important info how exactly you are using Corona and what you are rendering?]


When using Corona's DR:
You can enable the autosave feature on the master machine. This will autosave the final rendering (what the master machines had rendered + what the slaves contributed). Then you should be able to continue distributed rendering by loading this autosave.

When using Backburner:
Remember that the autosave setting in Corona is a "system" setting, meaning that this setting is specified per-computer, not per scene. If you enable autosave on the master machine, it will not be enabled on the slave machines.
To enable autosave on the slaves, you can go to
C:\Users\_username_\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2020 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\corona
locate the newest file SystemSettings-xxx.conf
open it
you will see in it lines such as:
     String vfb.autosave.filename      = "C:\\Users\\_username_\\AppData\\Local\\Autodesk\\3dsMax\\2020 - 64bit\\ENU\\en-US\\plugcfg\\corona\\autosave.cxr"
        Int vfb.autosave.countEnd      = 3
        Int system.numThreads      = 0
        Int vfb.type      = wx
       Bool vfb.autosave.enable      = false

You can open these files on each of the computers, edit the lines, and save it, to change these system settings where you need them.

I am honestly not 100% sure how autosave works with DR/network rendering, so if you have any issues, let me know here, and we will troubleshoot.

I know this might not be physically accurate, but sometimes this is needed for certain situations

In what specific certain situations you would find such a feature useful?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: CProxy - scale
« on: 2021-09-30, 12:25:21 »
It's logged. I am not aware of any updates right now. I will share my findings here.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1015)

As a workaround, unfortunately requiring some manual labor, you can create a simple object like a box, align it with your object, and use the "reference node" option in the triplanar map.

One forum thread with "WHY? It is very VERY usefull feature! Just turn it on, please )))" is more than enough, thank you.

Thanks for checking.
We will look into this some more, and will also get in touch with iToo.

Could you please try with Corona 7 HF1 and see if there is any difference for you?

To be honest I am totally confused by this feature request. I would have to understand it better.

Let's go one by one:

Can you add a function in the modify panel properties that will enable the user to set values/parameters for the "visible directly" option?
Add a function to what? What are we modifying? A Corona Light?

In reality, a person can look directly into the light source and see the components of a bulb, for example, the housing, filament, gas, and led chips.
This mostly depends on how bright the light source is.

For the most part, renderings burn out the light source, and all we see is a burned circle in the image, which takes away from human-based realism.
This depends on the tone mapping / post-processing.
If you are looking at a light source with your eye - you will most likely see the details, yes.
If you take a photo of the same light using a cheap camera - you will most likely see a white spot.
If you take a photo of the same light source with a better camera - you will most likely see details.
If you take a photo with a pretty bad camera, but save your image to RAW format - you will most likely be able to extract some details from the light source because you captured enough data and you can process your image in a way that will enable you to see the details.
When you are rendering, you can save your image in a 32 bit format and capture waaaay more data than any digital camera can capture. Then you can play around with tone mapping / post-processing settings in the VFB or in a 3rd party app to extract all the details you'd like.

I know there are methods to doing this like using two lights sources 1. One light to light up your scene and 2. Light up the light housing or the source either through a Coronalight or CoronaLightMtl with less intensity values.
This is mostly related to the fact that modelling a light bulb filament and making it generate light would be much harder to sample than using a simple disc object. Brightness of the filament vs brightness of the light emitter should not be the reason here if we want to set up the scene is a physically plausible way. If we want to keep everything as physical as possible, we should make the filament as bright as in real life and the light emitter as bright as in real life, even if we are using this split objects method.

But what if all the properties are encapsulated in one light under it's properties.
What exact properties do you mean?

Thanks for your replies in advance and please keep in mind that I am not arguing, just trying to understand the idea better.

Hi, did the devs see the uploaded scene ?

Hi, I just checked the uploaded scene and here are my findings:

256 GB RAM

Max 2021
Corona 7 HF1
Forest Pack Pro v7.1.2
RailClone Pro v4.3.2

Production rendering:
Time from pressing the Render button to the 1st pass being rendered - 22s

Interactive rendering:
Time from pressing the Render button to the 1st pass being rendered - 22s

Note: the scene took ~50 GB of RAM during rendering

I am attaching screenshots showing the VFB stats.
I am not sure why the stats are different than what I measured manually, but they are far from the 1+ minute report.

It could be due to hardware. Can you please tell me what CPU you are using?
Are you 100% sure that you are not running out of RAM during rendering?

Sorry for stupid questions, I just want to rule out the basic things first.

You can use our usual uploader:
And get in touch through the helpdesk:

This is a surprisingly hard task! :)
One thing I can think of is making the texture tiles dependent on the geometry faces. So for example if the fabric is supposed to be 10x10 tiles, the object would be a plane with 10x10 faces. Then you could use things like 3ds Max MaterialByElement modifier with Multimap's randomization by Material ID. Or the V8 randomization by polygon.
But if the fabric's geometry is independent from the texture tiling, it really gets tricky.

What I imagine here would be some kind of UVW Randomizer merged with Multimap node. Or Multimap randomization mode "By UVW Randomizer tiles". :)
I'll log it as a general feature request with a simple example and we will see what can be done about it. 

(Report ID=CRMAX-1006)

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