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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-09-15, 12:03:01 »
When 9 launches, since there are no Pattern presets on Cosmos at the moment, we'll provide a zip file of some geometry that can be used in Pattern - even if it is only 5 or 6 examples, it will give everyone a head start and always nice to have something to start from (it also helps with that "Ahaaaa!" moment on understanding what it all does, safe in the knowledge that it isn't you modeled the geometry wrong ;) ).
That sounds good Tom, even if I keep on thinking a built-in library of patterns would be clever, workflow-wise. A bit like what Sweep modifier proposes for custom sections, fast & easy.

[Max] I need help! / Re: fast preview denoise off by default
« on: 2022-09-13, 16:31:08 »
It also works well with a custom maxstart file ;)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-09-13, 14:08:15 »
Corona Pattern seems pretty amazing indeed.
Not sure it has been mentioned before, but something that would be great would be an integrated library with premade patterns, with the ability to add custom ones.
And of course ... presets saving/loading  ;)
Maybe worth posting in Feature Request ?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Light slows down Viewport
« on: 2022-09-13, 11:51:28 »
Yes, but I've noticed so many times slowdowns when 3dsmax is on Modify Mode, hence my question ;)
So the problem you mentioned comes from somewhere else indeed.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Light slows down Viewport
« on: 2022-09-13, 09:48:26 »
Hi there,

Just by curiosity, your Command Panel is on Create tab or Modify tab ?

I've emailed Pulze with some questions.  I've been looking at the render manager for ages.  We currently use Renderpal but it's time to move on from it.

I've also asked about the scene manager.

What are your thoughts on it?  I assume since you suggested it, it's good.  Have you also used the render manager?

Hello :)

I'm big fan of Pulze products. I've used Scene Manager and Render Manager for several years now, being also in the beta program. Both are amazing products ... features and stability are really great. On top of that, the team is really available to help if you have problems and very reactive, it's really appreciable. Finally, both products are actively developed and updated. So, in a nutshell, I don't see any good reason in 2022 not to use Pulze products ;)

Enjoy !



Long time since I last used Batch Cam Render ... is it still developed ? I think you should take a serious look at Pulze Scene Manager ;)

Procedural clouds .... wow

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2022-05-25, 17:11:49 »
We've been hearing "This is IT! This is the death of offline renderers! They won't exist any more!" for the last oooh 10 years or more. And yet here we all are.
Hum well, ok, but things have changed quite a bit I'd say. When you see that things like for example "In Vaulted Halls Entombed", one the last Love Death & Robots episodes, has been rendered with Unreal AFAIK ... let's talk about it in 10 years ;)
Any trolling or so apart, I think there will still be room for both kinds of renderers for some time. That doesn't mean neither one can still ignore the possibilities of real time engines .

Morning all :)

I jump in this thread for something that has been mentioned in the past: being able to navigate directly in IPR view ... is it still planned somehow ?

Apart that, my list of priorities would be:

- pause/restart
- regions handling

On a side note, I want to say I love using 2d Pan/Zoom feature along with IPR, it's really handy !


[Max] I need help! / Re: alpha for png
« on: 2022-04-25, 20:41:31 »
As CShading_Alpha name suggests, alpha is shading element, so disabling shading will not work.
My bad - answered too quickly indeed ;)

[Max] I need help! / Re: alpha for png
« on: 2022-04-25, 14:13:55 »

Try CShading_Alpha Render Element + "Render Only Masks" render setting (Scene Tab / General Settings / Render Overrides section).

Basic rule: do not switch software version during production on a project ... IMHO you should only start new projects with a new software, not hoping everything will be untouched when updating ;)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Artificial Lighting trouble
« on: 2022-04-11, 16:09:05 »
Never use directionality above 0.5, otherwise switch to std 3dsmax lights ;)


For what it's worth, I think that if this workstation is intended to be used for Corona rendering mostly (=no GPU rendering), you should have bought a less powerful graphic card, and a more powerful CPU.
However, going on 128 Gb RAM is a good choice. Maybe another NVMe or two instead of the "classical" 6TB hard drive, especially with it running at 5400 rpm.

Anyway, you'll get a great workstation to play with, enjoy :)

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