Author Topic: Issue trying to animate visibility  (Read 1135 times)

2021-12-30, 17:28:56


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Hey guys,

So I have an object that I need to animate fading into the scene - should be a simple task with the Visibility track.  BUT, eve when its set to 0, the object still shows up.  I've seen it discussed before and it sounds like its an issue with the material itself (a "milky" plastic with SSS, Volume, Translucency, etc.)

Is there an official solution or workaround for this?  That topic mentioned using a third party script (Visibility Assistant:, and unfortunately the author's site is down so that method isn't available for me. 

Sure seems like a bug so wondering if there's a fix? (Or if we need to submit an official bug?)

Lastly, anyone have the .ms for the Visbility Assistant script? Figured that was worth a shot too.