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I had a couple scenes were the bump map was causing fireflies in glossy areas. So if it has a bump turn it off and section render.
Have you rendered with a standard Corona Material in the override slot? This could tell you if its in the material or lighting.

Gallery / Exterior Mansion Render
« on: 2014-07-12, 01:58:14 »
I made this render for a contest that is now over (I was closer to bottom 10 then 10 top.) The top 3 voted pieces won a computer, you can check them out here  (1st and 2nd pieces are on the 2nd page.)

This was my first real attempt at any sort of vegetation in a scene. Having only an i3 2120 and 8gb, it definitely pushed my computer to its limits. But scene parsing and secondary Gi computing was still reasonable.

There are a dozen of things I see that I would of liked to fix, most of them on the mansion. I am looking to improve so crits and comments will be greatly appreciated.

Gallery / Re: Light Test on ambient
« on: 2014-06-25, 02:28:43 »

Gallery / Re: fist Render
« on: 2014-05-27, 20:37:28 »
My guess is he added one big planar map to the entire floor, set to the uv channel to 2. Made a blend material. One with the normal wood, the other with the painted wood. Finally the mix map would be the Alpha pattern set to uv channel 2.

Max's blend materials works good, but its somewhat of a nuisance that it creates two standard materials every time you make one. Having to plug your corona materials is time consuming. Also if you have more than one blend materials blended together, navigating becomes pretty crazy.

Gallery / Re: Corona Render Night Scene
« on: 2014-05-06, 20:56:12 »
Untick "Visible Directly"

Gallery / Re: Light Test on ambient
« on: 2014-04-26, 06:45:01 »
This was already mention, but the wall on the left isnt straight around the openings. Look at the picture. The walls should follow the blue lines.

Your perspective is false, you are assuming that the roof is parallel to the ground which is not the case.

Camera matched from just the floor and walls.

Gallery / Re: Light Test on ambient
« on: 2014-04-25, 20:59:19 »
This was already mention, but the wall on the left isnt straight around the openings. Look at the picture. The walls should follow the blue lines.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Taking too long
« on: 2014-04-18, 02:11:38 »
I ran into this problem just the other day. 

I used a plane a good distance away from the buildings, a place a cloud bitmap on them. For a BG and to cast reflections. The problem i had was no matter what material or settings i tried, it always changed the lighting. 

The first picture was render with the cloud plane.
The second picture i rendered without the cloud plane, and used a material id/alpha to mask in the clouds and reflections on the windows.
Notice the huge difference in the lighting and shadows.

Things I tried to get it to work in the render.
Corona Material with a variety of combinations, Translucency, Opacity, and Refraction.
Corona Light Material with and without Emit Light on.
I even excluded the plane from casting shadows.

Everything resulted in the place changing my lighting and shadows. It however did not increase my render times and noise.

My advice try a render without the Background Plane and see if it clears it up any. Maybe even try a render without the glass too.

Gallery / Re: Modern kitchen
« on: 2014-04-17, 19:35:08 »
I think he means the background image is to visible. With how bright your interior shot is, the window area would be glared/whited out. For example just get your cell phone's camera and point it towards the window to see (It doesn't even have to be directly at it).

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