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Hi, I'm currently texturing skin and I'm not that happy with my micro-details. I work with Substance Painter. I prefer buying software- unfortunately I don't have access to the materials on Substance source. I don't have Zbrush at hand, so I have to rely on alphas I grabbed and bought from the web. When I switch to 4K it begins to look okish, but not the level I am aiming for.

I'm looking at ( ) This looks promising, but pricey. Pricey I fear beyond my reach.
Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

Off-Topic / Corona Virus: Donate computing power for science
« on: 2020-03-19, 22:09:37 »
Hi guys,
I just stumbled on this:
and decided to install it on my machines. (Already getting warm here.....)
If you guys have some spare render power, you might consider to donate it.

Hardware / 10bit output with Geforce Cards
« on: 2019-08-19, 22:12:42 »
I don't have a fancy 10bit Screen and don't plan to buy one in the near future, but I just read that Nvidias new driver unlocks 10bit.
I remember reading a few threads here dealing with the limitations to Quadro Cards only.  If they really have buried this stupid Quadro-policy, I would change my mind about fancy 10bit screens.
Have I overlooked some details? Anybody here with the necessary hardware to comfirm that this actually works?

Hardware / Re: Workstation
« on: 2019-07-19, 15:44:20 »
There are two misconceptions here:
1. GHz doesn't necessarily equals CPU-speed. I own an old fx 8350. Sometimes I use it for comp renderings. Compared to the outcome it is pretty power hungry. I will get rid of the machine soon.
2. Max viewport performance will not explode because you have a new CPU a few percent faster than the old. Your user experience will most likely stay the same in most circumstances.

General CG Discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-11-30, 22:43:52 »
I like the razor tartarus. I have pain in my left hand from using Shift Ctrl Alt, Q W E R constantly.
Can it be programmed to replace those keys?
Yes, you can map anything on those keys from hotkeys to mouseclicks to macros.
What the tartarus is good at:
- you can map basically anything you want. And afaik you can define modifiers to buttons so you can map a button to three different settings
- the design is really great. My hand lays very comfortable at it. I chose the lower side button to be the ALT-key. ALT ist the'orbit'-button in most 3d-apps and - jeez- the alt-key of the keyboard I used for my diploma movie ages ago, was really sanded down by heavy usage. With this layout I only have to lower my thumb.
What tartarus is not good at it:
- try it at a local store. I think the keys are ok, but could be better.
- It's gaming hardware. The Software comes with a shitload of useless 'cool' stuff...
- ...which actually eats performance. When I toggle from one Software to another it takes ages(seconds) for the tartarus to change the profile. I believe it's because I have differnet colors mapped to the softwares and it waits until the illumination changed to the different color. This is really annoying.
- it could be heavier or should come with proper anti-sliding-stuff
- you can't color map keys- only per App. I would pay a shitload for a similiar device which is able to color map each key individually on a per software basis

General CG Discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-11-29, 22:51:26 »
If the space mouse works for you well in Max - great, I really think it's a cool gadget. Because of my tendonitis problems I ordered  a space mouse and tested it in Maya( just before starting in a new studio). Drivers are a nightmare. Yould could alter a locked and keyed camera- which is actually impossible in Maya- when accidently using the spacemouse in the camera viewport. The studio would have kicked me out the next day if I had brought this malicious thing into their production. Sadly they don't give a f*. This error is reported in their forums for years and they didn't answer me, when I contacted them.

Since the space mouse wasn't working for me, I'm using a contour shuttle pro( / razor tartarus( - depends on the task. My problem was pain during clicking, so mapping mouse clicks to these devices helped me alot.

I'm awfully sorry that I can't be more specific. But years(15+) ago I went the path of using greyscale-single-channel images to limit texture size in ram, but I ended up in all kind of weird, hard to track down errors. In Max and if I remember correctly in Maya as well. It's like there are kinds of scenarios developers don't expect the user to plug a single-channel-image in. I wouldn't use that technique in complex projects.

Royal Render can be used for free up to a limit of 4 rendernodes. I had a hard time getting it to work with Corona, but it works.

Oh thank you so much, sir! Looks like gold to me!

General CG Discussion / Sky backgrounds- what do you use?
« on: 2018-03-16, 17:48:45 »
I am working on some vfx for a live-action short and there a some shots, in which the sky should be replaced for a more dramatic one. There is a reshoot planned, but it is doubtful that this will be successful. If the weather isn't right on this particular day it will be no good at all.
Is there a collection of sky images(preferable movies) for sale you recommend? Of course I know of this company called Google, but the problem is there a millions of hits, but there is caveat in every single item I could find. Either it's not the mood the director wants, or resolution is not good enough or it is useless timelapse and so on

Do you know of recommendable stock footage bundle with -let's say- a few hundreds of sky images or movies in high resolution(4k and above)? I am so desperate I really think of rendering those clouds....

Thanks, Maru. Marcin helped me out of this! Many thanks.

From time to time I have to revisit some older projects and have to renew my license. Last time I did this I ran into a licensing issue. Support was able to help me out- apparently I gave a different email when purchasing so the combination email:pw wouldn't match.

I carefully watched what email I would type in now. But it's the same thing. I can't get a license
I apologize for opening this thread, because I also submitted a ticket to the support. The reason why I am so impatient is that the deadline is approaching. Maybe other users went through the same thing and can point me in the right direction.

thanks a million

I would love to hear some insights from the devs and other users. Regarding rendering and daily 3d/video work. I have to admit: right now, I am bit frightened. I spent 1000,-€ on a beefy Intel CPU for my current WS and I just can't stand the idea, that after the update: Hey, it's 30% slower, but now it's safe!

Hardware / Re: recommendation for XL case
« on: 2017-12-20, 10:32:54 »
it's for an ASRock Rack EP2C602-4L/D16. Actually my first 'big' build, so I'm quite new to the materia. It is specified as ssi eeb.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Integration of Cryptomatte
« on: 2017-12-19, 11:11:58 »

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